What Is an Army Haircut?

C. Daw
C. Daw
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Woman posing

An army haircut is a hairstyle that is short, cropped back from the ears and the neck, and lays flat on top of the head. It was designed by the military to ensure a uniform, neat appearance among the members of the units that they were enrolled in. Even though the military still demands these types of haircuts, they have also become very popular for civilians as well. The reason for this is that they look good and are extremely easy to care for. There are numerous versions of the army haircut that can be acquired, but there are consistently three styles that are the most common.

The flattop is one of the most well known army haircut. It is basically a style that sports shaved sides and hair that is flat on top, instead of following the curves of the head. This style takes a little effort to achieve because of the roundness of the normal human head, and it is considered to be a very professional and stylish look while maintaining the ease of care that all army haircuts have in common.

The second type of haircut that falls into the category of an army haircut is the crew cut, or the buzz cut as it is commonly called. This hairstyle is achieved by using an electric razor with a short attachment on it, usually one or two sizes above a bald cut. All of the hair is trimmed to the exact same length, which is short enough to allow the skin underneath it to be seen. This is a very common hairstyle for children because it requires almost no effort to care for the hair, making it a style that does not have to be brushed or groomed on a daily basis.

The final army haircut that is popular is the high and tight style. There are numerous variations of this cut, but they all have the same principle design. It is basically a combination of the two styles mentioned above because it combines the styles of both them, combining them into one basic hairstyle. The sides and back of the neck are trimmed extremely short while the top is left slightly longer. Unlike the flattop, though, the top of the hair will conform to the shape of the head.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing