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What is an Apple Slicer?

Janis Bennett
Janis Bennett

An apple slicer is a kitchen gadget that is made specifically to slice apples into neat little pieces. There are different types of apple slicers to produce different shapes of apple pieces. Some apple slicers also include an apple corer and a peeler to cut, core and peel an apple all at the same time. An apple slicer might entice even the pickiest of eaters to eat apples after they have been cut into bite-size shapes.

A basic apple slicer looks like a large circle with a smaller circle in the middle, with spokes that radiate between the bigger circle and the smaller circle. The smaller circle in the middle cuts out the core, and the spokes cut the apple into equal-size wedges. There is a handle on each side to make it easier to push the slicer through the apple, from the top to the bottom.


Apple slicers produce eight, 12 or 16 identical apple wedges, so there is one made for every job. Newer versions can be customized by a dial to produce different sizes of slices, so only one slicer is needed. The slicer can be stored easily in a drawer and is safe for the dishwasher.

A spiral apple slicer will create perfect spirals as it cuts the fruit from the core, usually in one long piece. This disc-shaped apple slicer is made from stainless steel, so it is easy to clean and does not rust. When a whole apple is not needed, the spiral slicer can be left pressed against the fruit to preserve the uneaten portion for later. This type of apple slicer usually can fit in a drawer for storage.

Sliced apples are easier to eat.
Sliced apples are easier to eat.

A professional tabletop apple slicer is a cutting tool that usually will core, peel and cut an apple all at the same time. These professional slicers usually are large and will have to be stored in a cabinet or closet. The tabletop apple slicer typically mounts to the edge of a counter or can be suctioned to the top of a smooth, clean surface. The operator places an apple on the corer end, adjusts the slicing and peeling blades as needed, then turns the handle at the opposite end. This will spin the apple to cut, peel and core it simultaneously.

An apple slicer is a fun way to prepare fruit. The slicer can cut an apple into wedges perfectly sized for dipping or into fun, slinky spirals. An apple slicer also can be used on yams, turnips and potatoes.

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My kids like to eat those tart apples with greenish-red skin. However, they won't eat the peeling. So, I invested in an apple slicer, peeler, and corer in one.

This wonderful gadget lets me cut the slices into spirals. My kids often request “curly apples” as snacks, and it only takes a few seconds to make them.

Since the apples are tart, they like to sprinkle them with salt. I have tried this, and it is a good flavor combination.

They like to eat the spirals like spaghetti. They put one end in their mouths and keep chewing until it has disappeared.


I like to make my own french fries, and I prefer them with the skins intact. So, I use my apple slicer to cut them into wedges. I have one that doesn't peel, so it works great.

I cut a potato into as many wedges as its size will allow. Then, I toss the wedges in olive oil on a baking pan. I sprinkle them with salt and herbs and cook them for thirty minutes at 400 degrees, and the result is delicious, nutritious fries.

I'm not too fond of apples, so when I got an apple slicer as a wedding gift, I felt that I'd never use it. My husband saw me struggling with a big potato and a knife one day, and he suggested that I try it out. I'm glad he did.


@lighth0se33 – An apple slicer is an awesomely convenient tool for parents who want to make healthy snacks fun for their kids, as well. I have an adjustable slicer that can cut as many as 16 wedges, and it seems like the smaller the pieces, the more the kids enjoy eating them.

When things appear small, it makes my kids think they need to eat more of them to get full. I'm glad they think this way with apple slices. I tried cutting apples into just eight slices once, and they left several on their plates.

I keep plenty of vanilla yogurt on hand for them to use as dip on the slices. The more you dress up a plain apple, the more likely they will view it as something delicious and wonderful. My apple slicer has contributed greatly to my kids' health.


I have an inexpensive apple slicer corer that I use when cutting up apples for my kids. This is one of their favorite snacks, and both of my kids love to put peanut butter and honey on their apple slices.

If a whole apple is sitting on the counter, they will pass over it and look for something else. If I slice up the apples in to small pieces, they will gobble them up.

One thing I would recommend is to use this on the counter or a flat, sturdy surface. Once when I used this apple slicer on a small plate, I ended up breaking the plate when I pushed down on the slicer.

Since then, I just lay a paper towel down on the counter so I don't break any more plates.


I have always loved apples, but I hate eating them without cutting them into wedges first. When I found out a few years ago that there was such a thing as an apple slicer and corer, I got one, and now, I eat an apple just about every day.

Apples are pretty tough, so I had to press down quite hard on the slicer to make it cut through the fruit. I was glad the thing had handles, because those sharp metal edges would cut into my hands if I had to press on the top of the slicer.

The slicer I got cut the apple into eight pieces. I love the convenience of this tool. Instead of having to use a knife and spend five minutes making apple slices to go in my lunch box, I can complete the process in a few seconds.


When I have an abundance of apples that I need to do something with, I like to put them in my dehydrator.

I will use my apple peeler slicer to cut them in to bite size pieces. Then I stack them in the dehydrator until they are dried.

This is a great way to use up apples that you don't want to throw away. I will use these dried apples as a snack or include them in my granola recipe.

I like to eat them plain, but my kids love them mixed with a little sugar and cinnamon.


Every fall we head to the apple orchard, and come home with more apples than we know what to do with.

This is the time of year I get out my Pampered Chef apple slicer and put it to work. I can peel, slice and core a lot of apples in a hurry with this gadget.

I use the apples to make apple pies and fresh applesauce and apple butter. I also freeze sliced apples in freezer bags. These stack nicely in the freezer and are very handy when I want to make an apple dessert.

Once I tried using this apple slicer for potatoes when I was fixing Thanksgiving dinner. I think it was the irregular shape of the potatoes, because for some reason, this did not work for peeling and slicing potatoes.


I have a little gadget that will core, peel and slice an apple all in one contraption. It can also be adjusted so that you can have thicker or thinner wedges.

Its great because I like to tinker with different gourmet recipes, particularly pastry recipes, and all of them call for very carefully prepared apples.

The flesh and the skin of an apple are different in ever way. The only was to ensure that apples cook evenly and correctly is to remove the skin. They also must be a uniform size to ensure evenness of being cooked. Really the only was to get this kind of consistency is to have a good quality apple slicer.


I love to make pies and around the holidays and I sell some of my best recipes to friends and people in the neighborhood. As a result, I end up making tons of pies all at once.

This presents lots of headaches, but one that I never would have anticipated is how tedious it becomes coring and slicing the apples necessary for 15 apple pies. It's a long and delicate process and it kills your wrist after a while.

Eventually I just went out and got an apple slicer and it has solved all my problems (or at least this one problem). It makes nice even wedges, takes minimal effort to press through the apple and makes clean up a lot easier. It's a dream.

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    • Apples.
      By: Pixelbliss
    • Sliced apples are easier to eat.
      By: kalumander
      Sliced apples are easier to eat.