What is an All in One Washer Dryer?

Amanda R. Bell

An all in one washer dryer is a single machine that both cleans and dries laundry. Typically easier to install than a standard laundry machine set, an all in one washer dryer saves on both space and energy. While the capacity of these machines tend to be less than traditional machines, washer dryer combos are popular in Europe and Asia.

An all in one washer dryer.
An all in one washer dryer.

This kind of space-saving washer dryer typically provides all of the cleaning and drying options of separate washers and dryers in one machine. Options for different cycles, numbers of rinses, and water temperature are common. The dryer options usually include air dry, low, medium, and high heat as well as timed drying. Laundry can be placed into the machine and comes out clean and dry; there is typically no need to do anything besides put the laundry in and then take it out to fold.

An all in one washer dryer.
An all in one washer dryer.

An all in one washer dryer is a front loading machine and requires very little work to install. The only requirements for installation are a plumbing line, similar to that used for a dishwasher, and an appliance outlet. While standalone dryers usually need to be installed on an exterior wall, an all in one washer dryer can be situated anywhere in a home or business. The machine does not require any venting; the warm, moist air from the dryer is condensed in the machine into water and drains in the same manner as water from a washing machine.

This machine is often referred to as a condo washer dryer due to the limited amount of space it takes up. The appliance takes up approximately half the amount of space that a washer dryer set does. It also uses about 50% less water than traditional washing machines and nearly 70% less electricity. As these machines are front loading, they tend to clean clothes more efficiently than top load washers.

An all in one washer dryer can handle approximately 10 pounds (3.7 kilograms) of clothing when using both the washing and drying cycles. If only the washer is used, the machine can typically manage up to 14 pounds (5.2 kilograms) of laundry. Depending on the size of the load, an all in one washer dryer typically takes two to three hours to wash and dry laundry. Due to the limited capacity, this washer dryer combo is typically recommended for small families or single people.

Due to the energy and space saving capabilities of an all in one washer dryer, these machines are extremely popular in Asia and Europe. In major cities in these countries, living area is often tight, and utilizing space efficiently is a high priority. These machines can help to do just that. As green living becomes more and more popular, the all in one washer dryer is becoming more common in countries outside of Europe and Asia too.

An all in one washer dryer is a sinlge machine that both washes and dries laundry.
An all in one washer dryer is a sinlge machine that both washes and dries laundry.

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I wonder how the manufacturers of this washer and dryer combo worked around the problem of water being so close to electrical heating elements?


I think an all in one washer and dryer combo would be ideal for my small house. I've got one washer hookup available in the kitchen, but no good place for a dryer vent. I thought about a stacked washer and dryer, but there's still the problem of venting. If these things work as advertised, I could do a few small loads of laundry every day and not have to worry about transferring wet clothes to a separate dryer.

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