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What is an Air Stepper?

Marlene de Wilde
Marlene de Wilde

An air stepper is a small portable exercise machine that consists of a small platform and two foot pedals balanced on bellows filled with air. It comes in its basic form and also with various innovations such as heart rate monitors, pulse monitors, or distance and calorie calculators. Adjustments can be made to the bellows, or air shocks, in order to make the workout as hard or as easy as desired.

Resistance is created by the use of patented air power technology. When one pedal goes down because of the foot action, the compressed air moves to the next bellow and so the resistance is there for that step. The stepper is designed to tone hips, posterior, thighs and the abdominals.

Woman exercising
Woman exercising

When beginning an exercise workout with the air stepper, it is advisable to start with a low intensity and gradually increase the tension in the air shocks to make the workout harder. It is important to stand straight, as bending the torso may cause back and knee injuries as well as rendering the workout more ineffective. Some air steppers come with side bars for additional support. While this makes attaining the correct posture easier, it also decreases the value of the exercise.

The idea is to walk as if going up stairs. Air steppers, also called air climber steppers, provide a low-impact exercise routine that uses air power to lift the legs without putting strain on any joints. When used with resistance bands, the workout also tones the stomach and the upper body. Exercising on an air stepper is similar to the workout achieved on a step master, but the former is much more lightweight and portable than the latter.

As a piece of exercise equipment, the air stepper does have its detractors. Some users have complained that some models do not last very long and the air shocks begin to leak after a few workouts, particularly if they have been intense ones. It is recommended that each workout lasts at least 20 minutes. On a more positive note, there are many positive reviews due especially to the fact that the exercise is low impact and easy on the knee joints. Another positive point is that the workout makes exercise easy and fun while delivering fast results when it comes to weight loss and toning.

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    • Woman exercising
      Woman exercising