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What Is Aloe Toothpaste?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

Aloe toothpaste is toothpaste specially made with the natural ingredient of aloe instead of other synthetic ingredients. These toothpastes generally include allantoin, a colorless and odorless crystalline powder often added to health products for its healing properties. The healing and soothing properties of aloe combined with the absence of potentially harmful synthetic ingredients make aloe toothpaste a popular choice amongst the health-conscious. This type of toothpaste can work just as well as traditional versions, and is even be approved by major dental organizations for regular use.

Using an aloe toothpaste may help those with sensitive gums, as aloe vera is known for having soothing and healing properties. Scrapes and cuts in the mouth, for example, may benefit from the use of aloe toothpaste, since these abrasions have been known to respond well to the application of aloe. The same can be said of burns, an affliction that some suffer from every so often while eating.

Toothpaste containing aloe.
Toothpaste containing aloe.

Choosing an aloe toothpaste with fluoride in the ingredients may help to protect users against cavities. While there is a bit of controversy about fluoride and its effects on health, fluoride continues to be a popular additive in toothpastes. Consumers are likely to find this additive in the majority of toothpaste products, even those that are marketed as being natural like aloe toothpaste. Many fluoride-free toothpastes are also marketed as being free from other chemicals that have reputations for being harsh on the health of users, like sodium lauryl sulfate.

Allantoin, which is included in aloe toothpaste.
Allantoin, which is included in aloe toothpaste.

Aloe toothpaste may also contain other natural ingredients in formulas as well. Tea tree oil, sage, and rosemary are a few of the ingredients that are commonly found in aloe toothpastes. Peppermint or other types of mints may be added to the formula for fragrance and taste.

Consumers who are concerned with the effectiveness of aloe toothpaste can look for products that have been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA) or their international equivalents. Products that have been approved by the ADA often bear the ADA seal of approval on packaging. This makes their identification easier for consumers who want to quickly reference which products are associated with an organization that specializes in promoting dental health.

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    • Toothpaste containing aloe.
      By: Laurin Rinder
      Toothpaste containing aloe.
    • Allantoin, which is included in aloe toothpaste.
      By: fet
      Allantoin, which is included in aloe toothpaste.
    • Leaves of the aloe vera plant.
      By: cedrov
      Leaves of the aloe vera plant.