What Is Advanced Product Quality Planning?

M. McGee

Advanced product quality planning is a method of ensuring the quality of a project by laying out the entire process and quality control features before the product is even developed. In essence, the end product is used to determine all the steps needed to research, develop and then manufacture that product. The plan also extends out past manufacturing to training, troubleshooting and supporting the product after it goes on the market. Each of these steps is put together in such a way that milestones and goals are clear and manageable, keeping the project on track through the entire procedure.

In the medical industry, product development systems conduct guided experimentation geared toward finding new drugs or treatments.
In the medical industry, product development systems conduct guided experimentation geared toward finding new drugs or treatments.

In its most common usage, advanced product quality planning consists of three main phases. The first phase is development and it contains all the planning and modeling of the product. This section starts with the formation of a team for development and continues on through all the budgeting, design and planning. If the project doesn’t come together in this phase, it is likely that the project will end before the following phases can begin. This phase ends when the planned product is ready for prototyping.

The second phase of advanced product quality planning is industrialization. This phase begins with the initial prototyping of the product, typically as a virtual computer model. Using the virtual information, the design is readied for the physical prototype portion. This involves the construction of a functioning version of the product for testing. This step may cycle several times as the product is modified using new information. The last part of this step is putting the perfected prototype into production.

The last stage of advanced product quality planning is product launch. This is all the parts that come immediately before and after the product actually goes on the market. The first parts of this stage are consumer profiling and marketing; this is followed by the actual launch of the product. Lastly, the manufacturer supports the product. It provides instruction, manuals, online-help and other such aids to keep the product working correctly and extend its lifespan.

The most common industry in which to find advanced product quality planning processes is automobile manufacturing. In many cases, the plans for a new car model are developed and worked out years before it goes into production. This allows the manufacturer to incorporate upcoming technologies in advance of government regulations and gives a lead time that lets the cost of those technologies fall before the company implements them. Advanced product quality planning also governs the issuing of recalls, warranty support and dealer incentives as part of its third phase.

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