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What is a Wrap Top?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

A wrap top is a garment that is wrapped around the body. It is secured into place through the use of knots. The popularity of wrap tops can be attributed to their versatility and their body-hugging capabilities.

To wear wrap tops, wearers first slip their arms into the garments' sleeves. Then, they wrap the dangling, loose ends of the top across each other and knot the ends on the sides of their bodies to secure them. If a wearer chooses to layer the wrap top with something underneath, she might have more freedom with the top. For example, she can choose to keep the top loose or tie it in the front.

Wrapping a top into place can result in a V-neck. Wrap tops that yield this shape can draw the eye down toward the cleavage area. However, wearers often can control how much of their cleavage shows simply pulling the V-neck up or down.

Expectant mothers may benefit from wrap tops.
Expectant mothers may benefit from wrap tops.

One of the main reasons why wrap tops are popular is because they can be easily adjusted to be form-fitting. They can accentuate a woman's body and curves simply by tightening the tie that holds the blouse together. Similarly, if a wrap top is considered to be too tight for the wearer, she can undo the tie and wrap it again until she has found a comfortable wrap. It should be noted, however, that many wrap tops can be loosened only so much, regardless of the body type and shape of its wearer. If a top is too loose, an unflattering sag might result, and the top can appear to be extremely ill-fitting.

A wrap top can be a popular choice among pregnant women. Wrap tops allow expectant mothers to use the same shirt throughout their pregnancy. The tops are wrapped around the body and tied securely on the side of it, so mothers can continue using the top as their belly grows.

A mock wrap top can be another name for a faux wrap top. A wrap top of this type appears to be a genuine wrap top that is closed and secured on the side of its wearer's body, but it actually is permanently secured. The front of the top cannot be opened, and it might be fastened by buttons or stitches. The wearer simply slides the top over her head and pulls it down when she wants to wear the top. In essence, it's pulled on like a normal pullover top, even though the top looks as if it has been tied.

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    • Expectant mothers may benefit from wrap tops.
      By: Subbotina Anna
      Expectant mothers may benefit from wrap tops.