What is a Wooden Sword?

Ken Black

A wooden sword is a replica of a real sword, only made of wood. While many may not be familiar with the use of wooden sword types in training, they are especially common among some martial arts. Given the upgrades in protective technology and metal materials that have flexibility and have a dull edge, some may wonder why wooden swords have any market. In some cases, it may be a matter of tradition.

Unlike the wooden swords used in kendo and other martial arts, flexible metal swords are often used by practitioners of fencing.
Unlike the wooden swords used in kendo and other martial arts, flexible metal swords are often used by practitioners of fencing.

A wooden sword is often made of a high quality wood that has withstood vigorous abuse. A couple of the more popular choices are hickory or impact-grade oak. These woods offer the greatest durability when using a wooden sword. Due to the fact that a practice sword is often subject to a substantial amount of abuse, it is important to choose a high quality wood capable of withstanding multiple impacts. While no wooden sword will last forever, choosing one with a good quality wood will help extend the life of the sword as long as possible.

The value of wooden swords lies in sword training exercises. However, like any practice tool, it is important to choose a practice sword that has the look, length and feel of the sword that may be used in combat. While some may think a heavier sword will offer some advantages in strength training as well, this may not be beneficial. Unlike a baseball hitter, who may put additional weight on the bat to increase swing speed, training with a sword that feels like what would actually be used in combat may be more desirable.

This is because a sword fighter often must depend on the feel of the sword, rather than strength, to be most effective. A sword that is heavier or lighter than one used in combat will act differently than a wooden sword used in practice. In a sport where so much is based on feel, it is vitally important to choose a wooden sword that is weighted much like the actual sword may be.

Manufacturers of wooden swords, and those retailers that sell wooden sword variations online, often have dozens of types, lengths and weights to choose from. This will help those, especially those in martial arts, by getting a good quality replica. For those who cannot find a wood sword retailer near them, there are many selling such products online. Most will include specifications, such as blade length, handle length, width and, in some cases, weight.

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