What Is a Wholesale List?

Alex Newth
Alex Newth
Wholesaling involves selling products in bulk.
Wholesaling involves selling products in bulk.

A wholesale list is a list of wholesale companies that sell their products to consumers, in large quantities, for prices lower than retail. This allows the buyer to sell the item at a marked-up price and profit from the wholesale items. While wholesale companies can usually be found online, wholesale lists make it easier for buyers to find companies. Wholesale list items are typically sold by topic, such as a list for computer wholesale companies. Some list sellers sell false lists on which the companies are not real wholesale companies, the list is outdated and some or all of the companies are out of business, or the seller is only advertising his or her own website.

When someone sells a wholesale list, he or she is selling a compilation of several or many wholesale companies. This list is created by people who either look around the Internet and find wholesalers or who order from wholesale companies and are trying to make money by selling their personal wholesale list. These lists typically offer information on from 100 to several hundred wholesalers, but there may be more or less, depending on the seller.

The companies on a wholesale list are usually sold by topic. For example, a wholesale list may include companies that sell computers or specific items such as computer monitors. This is generally seen as more valuable than a random list of wholesalers, because buyers look for specific items to buy and sell.

These lists sell because of their convenience. Wholesale companies are typically easy to find online, but it can take a long time to find the best wholesalers. By getting a list, the buyer can start contacting the wholesalers immediately instead of having to go through the process of finding them and determining their quality. This is especially helpful for buyers who find it difficult to search the Internet and busy buyers who do not have the time to look for wholesale companies.

Many list sellers are honest, but others sell lists with false or misleading wholesaler information. For example, some or most of the wholesalers on the list may be out of business. This means a portion of the list cannot be used.

Other misleading information can concern businesses that are not really wholesalers. Instead, they bought from a wholesaler and have marked up their price to sell to someone else. The businesses may have poor reputations or may just be websites operated by the list seller. Before purchasing a list, one should ask the seller if the businesses are verified and if the list is current.

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    • Wholesaling involves selling products in bulk.
      By: bugphai
      Wholesaling involves selling products in bulk.