What Is a Water Theme Park?

B. Miller
B. Miller
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A water theme park is an amusement park comprised of water rides and attractions. These can include different types of pools; water slides; and actual amusement park rides such as the log flume, which is basically a water roller coaster. Water theme parks are popular attractions in many areas of the world in the summer months, as they are great places to have fun and cool off. For obvious reasons, a water theme park will nearly always be located outdoors. However, there are some water parks located indoors now as well, and these typically feature heated pools and other attractions to be enjoyed all year round.

Sometimes, a water theme park is attached to a traditional amusement park with standard rides. It may be an extra fee to enter the water park, but it is usually slightly reduced if the tickets to both parks are purchased together. There are generally certain clothing rules that apply at an amusement park that do not apply at a water theme park; for instance, it might be required to wear shoes while in the amusement park but not required in the water park. Most water theme parks have locker areas where individuals or families can safely store belongings while they are in the water.

The attractions found at a water theme park will vary depending on the size of the park. In general, there will be a few different pools. Wave pools are common, as well as different pools for younger kids. In addition to the pools, water slides will usually be found at a water theme park. These may be smaller water slides where an individual just goes down the slide by himself or herself, or larger slides with rushing water and inner tubes to ride. Some water theme parks do not have any larger mechanical rides, but the larger theme parks will typically have a log flume, which is a type of small boat ride that has a steep drop like a roller coaster.

A lazy river is another common feature at a water theme park, which is a relaxing attraction in which individuals can simply drift down a "river" on an inner tube. In addition to all the fun attractions, there are usually a number of different restaurants available at theme parks. These typically include easy, summery foods like sandwiches and hamburgers, though some of the larger parks will have nicer dining options as well.

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@bythewell - Speaking of water safety, I followed with interest my local swimming pool last year, as they were planning on putting in a waterslide.

It wouldn't be quite like having a full water theme park but it would be better than nothing.

But apparently after they had constructed it, they tested it and one of the testing people broke their arm coming down.

I was kind of astounded by that. I wouldn't have thought it would get to the point of testing without them knowing exactly what it would be able to do to people.

Apparently they had misjudged how fast kids could come down since it's quite a tall slide.

Made me a bit more nervous about using them to be honest.


@umbra21 - It's never a good idea to go to a water theme park if you are tired or not feeling well.

They are as safe as they can be made most of the time, but it's still water and you are still ultimately responsible for making sure that you don't drown or hit your head somewhere, or slip and fall on the concrete.

Plus they often cost almost as much as a real theme park so you might as well take as much advantage of them as possible.

Whenever I go to one I try to get in as soon as it opens and don't leave until the closing bell. In fact there's a membership option which allows you to enter the park half an hour earlier which might be worth taking, since the earlier you get there the less lines there are to wait in.

Actually I think the best time to go is when it's raining. You're getting wet anyway, and often people won't take their kids out when it's raining since they wait on the sidelines and don't want to get wet.


I went to a water theme park a year ago and ended up regretting it, although it wasn't the park's fault.

I had gone hiking with a couple of my friends up what was a very steep path for most of the day. They were quite a bit fitter than me so I was playing catch up all day which left me feeling quite sore.

So, once we had finished we decided to go to soak in some hot pools that had recently been upgraded to add some water theme park rides.

Unfortunately I had the bright idea to pay a little bit extra and get a pass to the rides as well, because I love water slides.

Of course, I was too tired to angle my body properly and I think I was almost numb from the walking, but I went down the big water slide several times.

The next day I could hardly walk. So much for my hot pools idea. Although it would have worked if not for that pesky, tempting water slide.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book