What Is a Unique Characteristic of Dice?

A unique characteristic of standard or cubed dice is that the opposite sides always add up to seven. The standard dice is numbered one through six. Placement of the numbers are arranged starting with the first three numbers being visible at one angle.

For instance, if the number one is on top, number two will be visible below it and number three will also be visible next to the number two. For Western dice, the first three numbers are arranged counter-clockwise, and Chinese dice are typically arranged clockwise. No matter which method is used, all other numbers are still arranged so the opposite sides add up to seven.

More about dice

  • Loaded or weighted dice are ones that have been tampered with in order to cheat. There are several methods of tampering with dice, such as rounding the corners or adding a weight inside the die.
  • Not all dice are cubes. Many role playing or trading card games use non-cubic dice.
  • One of the oldest known dice sets was part of a 5,000-year-old backgammon game that was excavated in southeastern Iran.

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