What is a U-Shaped Desk?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales
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A U-shaped desk is a type of desk that boasts a design resembling the letter "U." These types of designs wrap around the owner of the desk to allow him or her to work on the left and right sides as well at the front. U-shaped desks can take up a lot of space, and their features can vary by brand and model. These types of desks can also give their owners some privacy while working.

The U-shaped desk is sometimes noted for its sparse design. Generally, it lacks many of the features that other desks have. A u-shaped desk can have fewer shelves, drawers and keyboard trays and less storage space compared to other types of desks. In some cases, U-shaped desks don't have any of these features. The particular design of a U-shaped desk, apart from its general shape, can vary.

U-shaped desks, by virtue of their design, tend to take up a lot of space. Whereas corner desks can be space-efficient, U-shaped desks can impose themselves upon a room, jutting out and making space for itself. It's not uncommon for a U-shaped desk owner to have to walk around parts of the desk.

Despite the spacial requirements of these desks, some manufacturers create U-shaped desks that are specifically made for use within the home. These desks can come in typical home-friendly wood finishes and can be easily incorporated into a home office. Homeowners who want to look into purchasing a U-shaped desk for their home offices should consider that they will probably have to look for additional pieces of furniture for storage, organization and filing.

U-shaped computer desks can be best suited to large rooms, such as those in office buildings. They provide a lot of work space to get multiple tasks done at once. In many ways, they are a multi-tasker's dream, since he or she can have many projects going on simultaneously and simply move his or her chair to different parts of the desk to work on projects that are simply separated by space.

A benefit of using U-shaped desks is that they might make their owners feel like they are in control of their projects and their surroundings. The enclosed nature of this type of desk can afford a slightly higher degree of privacy for the desk owner, especially if he or she intends to face the desk toward a door. Projects and work can be safe from roaming eyes, because getting a look at the tasks performed behind the desk would involve more than a little leaning and craning.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing