What is a Two Weeks Notice?

Lauren Romano
Lauren Romano
Two weeks notice is often given in the form of a formal letter of resignation.
Two weeks notice is often given in the form of a formal letter of resignation.

When working at a job, it’s usually requested that notice be given when leaving the job as opposed to walking out on the same day or a few days after quitting. The practice of informing your boss that you will be leaving your place of employment in two weeks is considered giving two weeks notice. In some companies, not only is giving notice requested, but it’s required especially if you signed a contract that has a clause stating so.

Depending on what business you work for, consider writing a letter of resignation stating that you are giving your two weeks notice. This letter is usually written in a formal manner and states the reasons for leaving your current position. When writing a letter of resignation, think about incorporating positive notes such as how enjoyable it was to work with the company. It may help to make the transition of leaving a bit friendlier. In some businesses, such as those that are less formal, a letter of resignation may not be required and a verbal notice may well be acceptable.

While it is usually considered proper to give two weeks notice, some consider it completely acceptable to leave with little to no warning. For example, if you’re leaving the company on bad terms or there is an extenuating circumstance such as a medical problem, there are those that consider giving two weeks notice unnecessary. However, if you do choose to leave without notice, there may be a greater risk of not getting a good recommendation letter in the future.

Giving two weeks notice is usually regarded as the more professional and responsible way to go about leaving a job. Giving advance notice could provide the boss with more of an opportunity to find a replacement for your position. Offering to help train your replacement may also bode well for your character. In addition, there is a chance for unfinished work to be completed and for you to be able to say a proper goodbye to coworkers. Should you need a letter of recommendation in the future, there may be more of a chance of getting one if you leave on positive terms.

When making the decision to leave your job, consider the pros and cons of giving two weeks notice. Think about how leaving without warning would affect not only yourself but your coworkers and the business as well. Whichever decision is made, make sure to be positive and confident that it is the best one for you.

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Today was the last day of my two weeks notice. Everything was total smooth sailing these last two weeks. My boss understood that I was not happy with the duties of the job (it would be great for someone else) and that I could not refuse taking a 100 percent telecommuting opportunity. I wrapped up my projects, left a list of file locations, and walked out of the door to freedom on a happy note.


I have never given two weeks notice. Most bosses don't do me any favors, why should I do them any? And I know how most jobs go. They have people beating down the doors to get hired on, especially these days. I walk out and someone else walks right in, seamless almost. Two weeks notice is just a way for them to hold you over a barrel for a little longer.


I am planning on leaving my job sometime within the next year and it is the kind of job where I will need to craft a resignation letter. I am really unsure of what to say.

Where can I find sample resignation letters that express my desire to leave the company in the clearest and most polite way possible? Also with a resignation letter is two weeks notice the standard amount of time to turn it in before leaving the job?


I have had jobs where I gave my two weeks notice and I have had jobs where I did not. I know that it is the standard courtesy, but I have left jobs where that courtesy is completely undeserved. I think if you are in a bad situation and treated poorly or unfairly you have every right to walk out of a job without giving any thought to what kind of inconvenience it would be on your former employers.

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    • Two weeks notice is often given in the form of a formal letter of resignation.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      Two weeks notice is often given in the form of a formal letter of resignation.