What is a Twist Stepper?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett
Woman exercising
Woman exercising

A twist stepper is a relatively compact type of exercise equipment that is similar to a stair stepper. The primary difference between a twist stepper and a normal stepper is that the motion used to operate a twist stepper involves twisting the hips. Some steppers have handles that move, allowing the user to combine an upper body workout with stepping. These devices are usually relatively inexpensive and easy to use, making them very popular for home gyms.

Usually, a twist stepper has a metal base that steadies the device against the floor during movement. Two pedals that move in an angled stepping motion make up the top of the machine. These pedals are typically very sturdy and have a textured surface to prevent the user from slipping. More complex machines may have tension bands or handles that allow the user to get an upper body workout or stand more steadily.

Using a twist stepper is usually fairly straightforward, but it can be difficult to build up coordination at first. The motion used to operate the stepper is a stepping motion, but instead of jumping off the ground, the user keeps his or her feet in contact with the pedals at all times. This will guide the body through a twisting step motion and work out the legs and buttocks. Swinging the arms as though a person is walking is both good for exercise and necessary for balance.

As this device is not very far off the ground, injury is unlikely but still possible. A workout on a twist stepper is only as intense as the user desires, as the user controls the pace of the device at all times. Most steppers require no electricity or batteries to operate, although more advanced units may have a lit screen that records information about calories burned and time spent on the machine. Some machines can calculate more detailed information when supplied with information about the user's body.

Twist steppers are popular for home use because they are fairly inexpensive and can be stored easily. They are also light and can be transported easily, which gives them an advantage over larger walking devices like treadmills. Some people like to work out on twist steppers without any guidance, but there are instructional videos that provide exercise plans for this type of exercise machine. Following the instructions that come with the stepper in terms of both setup and use is the best way to avoid injury or damage to property when using a twist stepper.

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    • Woman exercising
      Woman exercising