What is a Trellis Planter? (with pictures)

O. Parker
O. Parker
A trellis planter can be used to support growing peas.
A trellis planter can be used to support growing peas.

A trellis planter is a combination of a planter and a trellis. This combination of two common garden accessories is used on patios, porches, indoors and other areas where planting in the soil is not suitable. Trellis planters come in a variety of sizes and shapes that are suitable for a range of different climbing and vining flowers, shrubs, and vegetables.

Climbing plants like ivy are often planted near trellises.
Climbing plants like ivy are often planted near trellises.

Trellis planters can be found in a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, and different types of painted and natural wood. The planter box is similar to standard planter boxes and is usually square or rectangular, but other shapes are also available. The trellis is made up of woven wood, plastic or metal to make a lattice structure for the plants to climb. The trellis is attached to the back of the planter, making the grow box and the trellis a single, movable unit. Unlike a plant growing up a standard trellis, a plant that is growing in a trellis planter can be moved at any time without damaging or disrupting the plant.

Vertical gardening is a practice that is gaining popularity in small spaces and urban dwellings. Vertical gardens are a way to grow vegetables without needing a lot of land or area for a garden, and they create visually interesting elements to indoor or outdoor living areas. A trellis planter is well-suited for vertical gardening. The grow box creates a tidy, compact area for the plants to grow while the trellis provides support for a variety of climbing vegetable plants. Tomatoes, peas, melons, some types of zucchini and summer squash, and beans are good candidates for a vertical garden.

A trellis planter also can be used to grow some of the flowering shrubs that are known as scramblers. Instead of actually climbing, scrambling shrubs grow vertically and can be attached to the trellis as they grow. Scramblers, such as climbing roses and bougainvillea, are long-living plants that will continue to grow for many years. Planted in a trellis planter, these colorful flowering shrubs can be moved from one area to another without disturbing or uprooting the plants.

Climbing vines such as morning glory, clematis, honeysuckle, wisteria, passion flower and grape vines are a few vigorous climbers that will take well to a trellis planter. A trellis planter is ideal for some of the more delicate and frost sensitive climbers; the whole unit can be set outside on a porch or deck during the spring and summer and moved indoors during the fall and winter when the temperatures drop.

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I have a wooden trellis planter that I use to grow some climbing roses. What I love about this type of planter is the portability. I love the look of roses, but they can sometimes be a pain to work with. With the trellis planter I can simply pick it up and move it without needing to transplant a whole rosebush.


@golf07-- I have a patio trellis planter where I planted some tomatoes and beans. Both of them did better than I expected. When I bought the plants I bought them as container plants so they wouldn't get quite as big as regular plants.

Since this was my first time trying this, I wanted to start out small. I think my trellis is heavy enough that it would support a regular size tomato plant, and think I am going to try that next year. I was so excited to be able to pick some of my own vegetables, and now will look forward to this every year.


This sounds like a perfect solution for me. I live in an apartment, but have a balcony that gets a lot of sun. I would love to be able to plant a few vegetables in my small space, and I think I could do this with a trellis planter.

Right now I buy fresh vegetables at the farmers market, but it would be wonderful to have a few plants of my own. Has anyone used a trellis planter for vegetables with good luck?

Most of the time when I think of a trellis, I think of a flowering plant or something like a honeysuckle vine. I never even thought about how this could work with some vegetables as well.


This past year I bought two trellis planter boxes to set up outside. I don't have a lot of space to work with, and this was the perfect solution for me. I planted a purple clematis in each planter box.

The trellis was the perfect place for the clematis to grow and start to cover the trellis. They looked so pretty when they were in bloom. I am hoping by next year they will cover the entire trellis.

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    • A trellis planter can be used to support growing peas.
      A trellis planter can be used to support growing peas.
    • Climbing plants like ivy are often planted near trellises.
      Climbing plants like ivy are often planted near trellises.