What is a Treadmill Belt?

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

A treadmill belt is the part of the treadmill that rotates around the base while the machine is in use. Although the base of the treadmill is stationary, the treadmill belt moves, allowing the exerciser to move as though he were walking on a path instead of walking on the same stationary base. The belt is connected to a system that allows the exerciser to walk slowly, walk at a brisk pace, jog, or run at a fast pace. The speed at which the belt moves is directly correlated with the speed at which the exerciser must walk or run.

Treadmill belts should be regularly lubricated to ensure the machine operates properly.
Treadmill belts should be regularly lubricated to ensure the machine operates properly.

Of all of the parts of a treadmill, it is the treadmill belt that experiences the most wear and tear. As such, the belts have to be replaced on a periodic basis. The rate at which a treadmill belt wears out depends on both the quality of the belt and the frequency at which the treadmill is used. Another factor is the kind of use that a treadmill receives. If it is only used for slow walking, then the belt will probably last longer than if it is regularly used for fast running.

Most companies that manufacture treadmills also sell replacement belts. These can usually be purchased directly from the manufacturer or from the exercise equipment company from which the treadmill was purchased. If the treadmill is a piece of leased exercise equipment, then the lease agreement may indicate that the company that owns the equipment is responsible to replace the treadmill belt as needed.

A treadmill belt will usually last between two and three years. If the belt is well maintained, it may even last a bit longer. If the treadmill received frequent and heavy use, then the belt may need to be replaced in less than two years. The price of a replacement treadmill belt is usually between $100 USD (US Dollars) and $200 USD. The owner's manual will include information about how to remove the old belt and replace it with the new one.

Maintenance of a treadmill often includes lubricating the treadmill belt. For leased equipment, this maintenance may be covered. For equipment that is owned outright, it is up to the owner to keep up with the maintenance, which is outlined in the manual. If a treadmill belt is not properly lubricated, it can wear out much more quickly than it should.

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

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