What is a Tandem Umbrella?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
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Woman posing

A tandem umbrella is an umbrella designed to be used by two people at the same time. Tandem umbrellas look much like regular umbrellas, but have a doublewide top. The word, tandem, refers to something that has two identical parts. Usually the two parts are located one behind the other such as in a tandem baby stroller and a tandem bicycle. Just as a tandem baby stroller is a stroller built for two and a tandem bicycle is a bicycle built for two, a tandem umbrella could be considered an umbrella built for two.

These umbrellas are often advertised as being designed for "clingy couples." People either seem to love these umbrellas or hate them! Some people think a tandem umbrella is ultra-romantic and glamorous, while others feel that this kind of umbrella for couples is almost sickly sweet and is not always practical. Both people have to be pretty close in height or walking together under a tandem umbrella can be very uncomfortable and the shorter person could still get rained on.

Some types of tandem umbrellas have one handle and these may work better for couples with a height difference than tandem umbrellas that have two handles. The end of the handle could be fancy or plain in shape. A tandem umbrella is always doublewide, but some have one peak at the top and others have two. Most tandem umbrellas are available in black or red solid colors.

For some people, tandem umbrellas evoke images of old-fashioned Hollywood glamour and romance. For example, a dramatic red tandem umbrella with a heart-shaped handle could add to a very romantic Valentine's Day for a couple. If it rains during a Valentine's Day date, such as when the couple is walking to or from a restaurant, one of them could surprise the other by unfolding the red, heart-themed umbrella! The more practical tandem umbrellas fold up so that carrying around such a large umbrella isn't a problem.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing