What is a Tae Bo&Reg; Bag?

A. Leverkuhn

A tae bo® bag is a fitness tool that provides part of the overall tae bo® equipment for someone who is interested in this modern interpretation of martial arts exercise. The tae bo® punching bag accommodates some of the unique actions that tae bo® participants do in their regular routines. Many of these bags are designed a bit differently than the traditional pugilist’s punching bag.

Tae bo is a martial arts exercise that is commonly used to tone and sculpt the body.
Tae bo is a martial arts exercise that is commonly used to tone and sculpt the body.

In order to provide for the contact elements of the tae bo® routine, these bags are often made with specific materials providing lighter resistance. Some are made from high impact compressed foam products, while others have a “foam over water core” design, using water as a natural light resistance material. Some designs also incorporate sand or other materials.

A typical tae bo® bag has a base that allows it to stand up to heavy use. Sand and water are also common materials for filling the base to make sure that the bag stays in place during use. Stands are often made of polyethylene or other plastics.

In addition to the standing tae bo® bag, there are also other kinds of bags such as hanging bags. Some of these come with materials such as steel chains or hooks for hanging. Mounted or hanging bags provide alternatives to floor standing bags, which may have to be adjusted for height.

Many different elements of tae bo® can be facilitated by a tae bo® bag. Common routines include several phases, from a beginning “calmer” or slower exercise, to an “amped up” power activity set, often at the end of a session or segment. The tae bo® bag is made for both of these phases of the activity.

The tae bo® bag one of many types of equipment for this form of exercise. Some tae bo® routines also use items like a tae bo® “bar,” where users work the bar with the arms to build upper body strength. Tae bo® mats and books are other examples of core equipment for tae bo®.

There are a number of unique benefits that tae bo® can provide for an cardio workout, such as improved muscle conditioning. Lots of today’s trainers like to work physically aggressive exercises, like tae bo®, into their regular fitness schedules. It can help to provide overall muscle tone while promoting agility, poise, better range of motion and improved overall body capacity.

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