What Is a Summer Hijab?

Donna Tinus
Donna Tinus
A woman in a khimar.
A woman in a khimar.

The hijab is a head covering worn by traditional Muslim women, designed to provide modesty for the women. A summer hijab is made from cotton, viscose, silk, chiffon, or other lightweight fabric. This fabric provides the woman with a covering that is comfortable during the hot months of the year. The Muslim woman can keep modest and moral while remaining cool and comfortable.

The term hijab is sometimes used to refer to the head scarf, while other times it's used to describe the entire outfit. Dressing hijab means to cover everything except the face and hands with loose clothing that shrouds the shape of the woman's body. This way of dressing modestly is popular among Muslim women. A large piece of cloth that covers the head and chest is usually a simple, unadorned head covering called a khimar.

A summer hijab resembles a long rectangular scarf. The scarf can be wrapped around the head and neck in any way the woman desires, then tucked or pinned in place. It is usually placed on the head, leaving one long end that is wrapped around the neck, including the shorter end in the wrapping. Often, a hijab cap is worn under a hijab scarf to provide extra modesty when wearing a transparent hijab. The hijab cap also provides security for the hijab to prevent it from slipping.

The basic summer hijab may consist of a simple cotton scarf in a solid color. Luxury hijabs are available in a wide array of prints, offering a sense of style to the woman's outfit and bringing attention to her face, following Muslim tradition. Beautiful lace hijabs provide femininity and are worn with a hijab cap to retain the hijab style and provide modesty.

Some Muslim women have taken a more stylish approach to wearing the summer hijab by being creative with the tie styles. After the hijab is wrapped around her head and neck, she may bring the ends up to the back of the head. The ends are then tied in any number of elegant styles. Some of the styles are wrapped in a circle in the back of the head, mimicking a sort of bun. Some are pinned up, while still others are twisted and left to hang down the front or back.

Even in the warmest weather, a summer hijab can be comfortable and stylish. When purchasing a summer hijab, the Muslim woman should shop for lightweight, breathable fabrics. Silk or lightweight cotton provide adequate covering, while keeping the head and neck cool.

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    • A woman in a khimar.
      A woman in a khimar.