What is a Smart Battery Pack?

S. Gonzales

Smart batteries differ from standard batteries in that they are able to provide information about a battery's state of charge (SoC) or state of health (SoH). They are usually rechargeable and marketed as being capable of functioning with some degree of complexity. One of the advantages of using smart batteries is that they present the owner with regular updates on their SoC and SoH, thereby giving the owner a clear picture regarding the state of the battery, its quality and its ability to function in any given device or at any given time.

Woman holding a disc
Woman holding a disc

High-end, expensive and technical equipment often depends on the abilities of a smart battery pack. Digital and video cameras, laptops, medical equipment and military operational devices are but a few of the items that require the use smart battery packs. By using a smart battery pack with these items, users are kept apprised of a battery's specific condition while using the devices.

Smart batteries cost more than standard batteries. Their complex nature, abilities, functions, upgrading abilities and corresponding chargers often account for their high price tags. In addition, consumers may run into unexpected costs when purchasing a smart battery pack because of calibration requirements, compatibility issues or other types of maintenance issues that may arise after purchase. However, many consumers find their relatively high cost an understandable trade-off when considering their functioning power.

A smart battery pack may also include a number of features that may not be available in standard batteries or even in other types of smart batteries. For example, a smart battery pack may be equipped to notify a user when a particular battery is incompatible with either a charger or a device. This may be able to prevent system malfunctioning or the unnecessary destruction of a battery or device. A smart battery pack may also be able to shut itself off if the pack senses that temperatures have risen to a degree dangerous enough to harm internal circuitry.

Some smart battery packs may also be able to be upgraded if the owner's needs evolve or if the equipment becomes out-of-date. A consumer can purchase special, smart battery packs that have heat-resistance separators which allow the battery pack to minimize the amount of damage incurred if the pack is pierced or punctured. A smart battery pack may even be able to regulate its own temperature, either raising or lowering it, so that optimal temperature is achieved for functionality.

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