What Is a Sandwich Loaf?

Misty Amber Brighton

A sandwich loaf is a popular type of party food that often resembles cake. This dish is prepared by taking an unsliced loaf of bread and cutting it into horizontal layers. Some type of meat or cheese is then placed between the slices before being stacked on top of one another. The layered sandwich is sometimes frosted with cream cheese or garnished with parsley, olives, or tomato.

Bread for sandwiches.
Bread for sandwiches.

Almost any type of bread can be used to make a sandwich loaf. White and wheat are two popular choices, but this party sandwich could also be made from oatmeal, rye, or cheese bread. The only requirement is that the bread be an intact loaf rather than one that is already sliced.

Salami is an ingredient used to make a sandwich loaf.
Salami is an ingredient used to make a sandwich loaf.

Before filling can be added, the bread must be sliced into horizontal layers. The number of layers may depend on the type of bread being used, the crust of the loaf, and type of meat being used. A party sandwich loaf will normally have between three and six layers.

A layered sandwich loaf can contain a variety of fillings. Some people like to use sliced deli meats such as turkey, ham, or salami to make this type of sandwich. Along with meat, toppings such as lettuce, tomato, pickle, or cheese could be added.

Some people enjoy making a layered sandwich loaf from meat salad. A few popular choices include tuna, chicken, or ham salad. The sandwich could also contain egg or tofu salad in order to satisfy vegetarian diners. When making a layered sandwich in this manner, the entire loaf could contain only one type of filling or multiple ones. Mayonnaise, pickle, and lettuce are sometimes added to this variety of party sandwich as well.

Many people like to add a frosting to the top of the loaf after other ingredients are added. This makes a sandwich loaf resemble a cake even though it does not taste like one. Cream cheese is typically used because it tends to complement the flavor of the meat and cheese and often reduces the need for mayonnaise or other condiments.

When served at a party, a sandwich loaf is typically cut into very thin vertical sections. It may then be divided into smaller sections, depending on the thickness of the bread and the number of layers. Many people like to place small toothpicks in the center of these cut pieces in order to help hold them together and make it easy for their guests to eat.

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