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What is a Round Swivel Chair?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

A round swivel chair is a type of chair design that features a solid base upon which the seat of the chair is built; the chair can rotate on the solid base, allowing a user to shift the position of the chair 360 degrees. The chair itself is designed to be round, which is done for both comfort and aesthetics. The materials used to make a round swivel chair will vary significantly according to the price point of the chair, the chair's intended use, the size, and the extra features the chair may have.

Many people choose a round swivel chair over a square one because a round chair will save some space in a room, lend visual appeal to the room, and allow for smoother rotation since no hard edges will stick out and potentially catch on other objects. While the roundness of the round swivel chair serves a particular function, it also provides a unique aesthetic that can make the chair a showpiece as well as a functional piece of furniture. Some round swivel chair models even come mounted on casters for even more functionality and convenience, though this is usually only the case on smaller chair models.

Woman posing
Woman posing

The swivel function on a round swivel chair is accomplished by connecting the chair to the swivel base by a metal rod or other solid material. The seat itself is thereby allowed to rotate freely while the base stays in place. This makes the chair a stable piece of furniture that is versatile and attractive. The base is very often hidden from view by a skirt or lower part of the chair to enhance aesthetics even further. Many swivel chairs are upholstered for aesthetics and comfort, though the specific designs will vary significantly according to the builder's desires. Some seat backs, for example, are hard and are used in conjunction with pillows that can be moved or replaced easily. The seat itself often features a fitted cushion specifically designed for that chair.

Some round swivel chair models are designed for more than one person. These chairs are similar to a loveseat, as they are about the same size, but of course, they are round instead of rectangular like a traditional loveseat. These swivel chairs will take up more space in a room than a traditional loveseat will, so a homeowner will need to measure carefully before purchasing such a chair.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing