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What is a Round Loom?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

A round loom is a device used for knitting or weaving. It has tiny pegs projecting from the interior, which the fabric or yarn is wrapped around. It is used to create items such as scarves, bags, and rugs. These looms are typically held on a person's lap, while she follows a specific pattern or design to make an item.

The term round loom can be somewhat deceiving, as some may actually be square or triangular in shape. Most of the time these are either circular, oval, or heart-shaped. The factor that determines whether or not one of these devices is indeed a round loom, as opposed to a rake, is that round looms have continuous pegs that have no definite starting or stopping point. This allows it to be used both as a circular knitting loom for knitting a round pattern, or a user may use it as a flat panel knitter in a back and forth manner.

Knitters can make a tube-shaped hat on a round loom.
Knitters can make a tube-shaped hat on a round loom.

This particular type of weaving equipment comes in many different sizes. Often, the pegs are spaced at different intervals on larger looms than on smaller ones. Widely-spaced pegs produce a finished product that has a loose knit, while one with closely-spaced pegs creates a more tightly knitted product.

Knitting looms have traditionally been made of wood. In recent years, however, round looms have been manufactured from both wood and plastic. Wooden ones are more susceptible to warping, but the pegs are more likely to break off on a plastic loom. Both materials are good in the sense that they produce a lightweight yet sturdy hand loom that can be taken with a weaver wherever she goes.

A round loom can be purchased for both adult and child-sized weavers. A child's knitting device will typically have fewer pegs and be more compact, so that a youngster can easily work with her yarn. This type is ideal for making kids' hats, socks, and scarves. An adult loom is usually larger and a more ideal size for creating adult-sized apparel and blankets.

Knitters can purchase round looms at most fabric or arts and crafts stores. These devices may also be purchased online. A crafter generally only needs a round loom, a metal hook similar to that used in crochet, and some yarn to start weaving goods. Even beginner-level knitters can find loom weaving to be a fun and relaxing activity, that can be enjoyed virtually anywhere.

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    • Knitters can make a tube-shaped hat on a round loom.
      By: uwimages
      Knitters can make a tube-shaped hat on a round loom.