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What is a Roaster Oven?

Ken Black
Ken Black

A roaster oven is a small household appliance found in a kitchen that can either be used took cook a variety of meats and vegetables. They usually plug into a standard electrical outlet and sit nicely on a counter top. This type of oven is much smaller than a conventional oven.

The advantage of using a roaster oven over a conventional oven is in its speed and costs. Because it is heating much less space, it can preheat much faster than a conventional oven. Also, because of that compact area, many foods may cook substantially faster. While roaster ovens may take up more counter space than some would like, they are still a very efficient way of cooking and can be easily removed from the counter when the cooking is complete.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

The benefits of saving time and money makes a roaster oven an essential appliance in many kitchens. It can also be used as a supplement to the conventional oven, when it is already in use. Thus, preparation times for larger meals could be cut substantially.

Though the most common use of a roaster oven may be, as its name implies, for roasting, there are a number of other functions it is capable of performing as well. For example, most of these types of can also steam and act as a slow cooker. In this way, it is much more versatile than a traditional oven. However, an oven of this type does not have the ability to broil foods.

The limitations of a roaster oven are often found in its size and feature list. Some may be able to cook things as large as a medium-sized turkey. Others would not handle a food of this size. The features and size of a these ovens are varied, with larger, more feature-intensive models demanding the highest prices. They range in size from half a cubic foot (15 cm cubed) to nearly two cubic feet (60 cm cubed).

For those employers who wish to cook meals on the job site, a roaster oven may be the best option because it is easily portable. Most of the time at these locations, the possibility of a conventional oven just does not exist. Therefore, this type of oven may be able to provide for all the cooking needs.

Another benefit of the roaster oven is that it becomes a great teaching tool for children who are ready to begin learning how to cook. Due to its small size, the oven may not seem as intimidating to those young ones just starting out. Given the size of a conventional oven, a roaster version can also be much safer for children to work around. However, any oven has the capability to burn anyone when hot, so great care should always be taken around all types of ovens.

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Please i have a convection oven (home choice) electric and i really don't know how to use it. It looks like a rice cooker. it was a gift and there was no booklet inside so that i can study it. Would you please explain to me how to use it.

Thank you and Merry xmas. --Marylou


What is the diference between a roaster oven and a crock pot? I have a large crock pot. Is it worth it to invest on a roaster oven?


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I have a ge roaster oven, I'm trying to find out if meat has to be thawed before cooking.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip