What is a Resume Writing Service?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
A resume.
A resume.

A resume writing service is a professional writing service that specializes in preparing resumes for their clients. Most resume writing services operate on a virtual office basis. Many people turn to a resume writing service when their current resume fails to get them job interviews or employment offers.

Most resume writing services have a new client fill out a form in which he or she can list education details, work history and other achievements. Some resume writing services also like to take a look at the old resume that wasn't working. Professional resume writers know how to use all of this information to stress the benefits of hiring that person to potential employers.

The goal of a professional resume writing service is to get the client an interview or job offer from the resume. Some resume writing companies guarantee the client a certain number of interviews and/or job offers. A resume writing service should also understand how to prepare effective resumes for different types and levels of careers. For example, a resume for a student looking for a summer job would have an entirely different format and/or tone than a resume for a military professional.

Many top-notch resume writers have a degree in English or communications. All professional resume writers must have excellent communication and writing skills as well as excellent spelling and grammar skills. Persuasive selling skills are also necessary in resume writing. A resume writing service must sell their client's compatibility for a job.

The main idea in resume writing is to promote the client's strong points in a way that will appeal to the potential employer. Don't choose a writing service just because the prices are lower than similar services. Instead look for resume companies with client testimonials and/or samples of resumes they've written for clients. A resume writing service must be sure to keep up to date on what employers are looking for and professional resume writers should know the current "buzz words" to use for each industry. A resume must also be completely error free or it's virtually worthless in the job market!

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spasiba: I agree on both counts!


Probably a good idea to have a professional writing service write a resume especially if one doubts one owns writing ability. It will most likely look more professional, and just might make a difference between being hired or not.

However, with a little bit of concentrated effort and guidance from a resume book, most people could probably put together a good resume.

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    • A resume.
      A resume.