What is a Refurbished Monitor?

Carol Francois

A refurbished monitor is a monitor that has undergone a major repair. There are many parts in a monitor that can fail or break down over time. In a refurbishment, the monitor is taken apart and the broken parts repaired or replaced.

It's important to recycle old computers, because parts can often be refurbished and re-used.
It's important to recycle old computers, because parts can often be refurbished and re-used.

Monitors are mass-produced to meet consumer demand and to increase the profitability of manufacturing. As with any mass-produced electronic device, there is a certain life span for the product. At the end of this life span, parts begin to fail and the monitor no longer works.

A refurbished monitor is a monitor that has undergone a major repair.
A refurbished monitor is a monitor that has undergone a major repair.

There are many companies that specialize in refurbished computer parts, printers and monitors. They purchase used products or offer a computer recycling and disposal service. All the equipment they receive is reviewed and those that can be repaired are separated from those that will be recycled.

If you are looking to purchase a refurbished monitor, there are three important factors to consider: guarantee, safety and service. Refurbished equipment is sold at a significantly lower price than new equipment. However, this money is wasted if the equipment does not work, or needs to be replaced in a short time period. All refurbished monitors should come with a minimum one year warranty, specifying a certain level of picture quality. Check the terms carefully to determine if the monitor under warranty will be replaced or repaired.

Cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors are fairly large and are significantly thicker than a light crystal display (LCD) monitor. All CRT monitors have a flicker, due to the constant refresh that is part of the design. This flicker is known to cause headaches and seizures in epileptics that can be mitigated by ensuring a refresh rate greater than 72 Hertz.

Check the level and type of service provided by companies selling refurbished monitors. Make sure that they have fully trained and certified technicians on site to address any issues or concerns with your refurbished monitor. The quality of the service is very important to the value of your purchase.

When looking to purchase a refurbished monitor and other computer equipment, invest the time to review the websites of the large computer manufacturing companies. It is a fairly standard practice to review and repair all warranty claims and resell these refurbished units directly to the public. The prices are significantly lower and they come with a warranty and service contract.

LCD monitors are typically harder to repair. Due to the complexity surrounding the disposal of LCD monitors, refurbished models are becoming more popular. Review the warranty with care before making any purchases.

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Purchasing refurbished can save a lot of money, but I think you have to be careful. You don't want to get stuck buying something extremely outdated! For example, if would make way more sense to purchase refurbished computer monitors that are LCD rather than CRT.

CRT is fairly outdated at this point, and it uses a lot more electricity than and LCD screen. Also, I doubt a CRT monitor would last as long as a newer, refurbished LCD monitor. Even if you save money on the purchase, you're still going to get stuck with outdated technology, which kind of defeats the purpose.


@dautsun - I've purchased refurbished products also. I've never purchased from an independently owned store though, I always purchase through the company, which is what I would recommend.

There are a lot of benefits to purchasing an LCD refurbished monitor from the company who makes it. A lot of times, refurbished products purchased through a major company come with the same warranty as new products. I'm not sure if the same would be true of something purchased in an independently owned store.

Also, I think the company that makes the product would probably be the expert at refurbishing it!


I've purchased a lot of refurbished electronics over the years, and I've had pretty good luck with it. It is much cheaper to purchase refurbished than to purchase new, and you're getting basically the same product. I would recommend getting a refurbished LCD monitor to anyone who is looking.

As the article said, definitely do your homework first. If it's possible, find out when the model first came out, so you have some idea of how old it is. And of course check on the warranty and the reputation of the shop you're purchasing from.

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