What is a Projector Cart?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A projector cart is a cart which is designed to accommodate a projector and its accessories. These carts can be used for portable projectors, and to manage larger projectors used in home theaters and classrooms. Many video supply stores sell projector carts, and it is also possible to adapt a generic cart for use with a projector.

Projector carts can be used in home theaters.
Projector carts can be used in home theaters.

In addition to the projector itself, the cart often has drawers or racks for accessories like connecting cables, remotes, a DVD player or hard drive, extra bulbs, speakers, and so forth. Wheels on the base of the legs can be used to push the cart around, and the wheels can be locked once the projector is in position to keep the projector stable. Some carts may have extra features, like a built-in power strip which can be plugged into a wall outlet when the projector is moved, or a cabinet which houses the accessories to keep them dust-free.

For a portable projector, a projector cart is incredibly useful, since it can be used to manage the projector and accessories as they are moved from place to place. In places like schools and offices, the items and the cart may be tagged with numbers or codes so that they can be easily tracked and logged, ensuring that nothing goes missing without being noticed. The projector cart may also have a rack for DVDs, or a space for a laptop which can be set on the projector cart and plugged into the projector as needed.

In a home theater or office boardroom, a projector cart can still be useful, even if the projector is not moved very frequently. The cart holds everything in a central location, making it easy to organize the projector and accessories, and many projector carts are at an optimal height for rear projection, while others can be adjusted to accommodate the limitations of a specific room. The cart is also easy to move for cleaning, which can make it preferential to a table or other fixed piece of furniture.

Several materials can be used to make a projector cart, including plastic, metal, and wood. These carts are usually designed to be lightweight, so that they are easy to move, while sturdy, accommodating the weight of a projector and its accessories. Features like drawers and doors may also be configurable so that the cart can be adjusted for a specific type of projector, along with its accouterments.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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