What is a Prefab Garage?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A prefab garage is a garage which is manufactured off site and transported to the location where it will be used, in contrast with a garage which is built on site. There are a number of different styles of prefab garage available, including custom products which can be tailored to specific applications by customers. People can opt to build a prefabricated garage for a number of reasons, ranging from restrictions on building space which might make it hard to build on site to a desire for a particular prefab product.

Prefabricated garages can be cheaper than site-built garages, depending on the site and the design of the garage.
Prefabricated garages can be cheaper than site-built garages, depending on the site and the design of the garage.

When customers order a prefab garage, it is built at an off site factory which specializes in making prefab structures. Construction includes wiring of the garage, finishing the interior, and the installation of any additional special features requested by the customer. Meanwhile, the site of the installation is prepared so that the prefab garage installation will run smoothly. Depending on the size of the garage, it may be possible to transport the structure whole, or it may be moved in pieces which are joined together at the site.

It is also possible to build a garage from fabricated modular panels which are snapped together on site. In this case, the prefabricated garage could be more aptly described as a flat pack garage, with the components arriving on a large flatbed truck. The modular garage option can allow for easy customization, as people can pick from an array of panel designs and styles, all of which will fit together. Customization can include the installation of storage space, a recreational room, or even a living area above the garage.

Some companies offer installation as part of their fee, especially if their products are slightly complex and require special skills or training for safe installation. In other cases, a prefab garage is designed to be installed by the buyer, although people can pay an additional fee to have it installed by the company, or hire a contractor to do the work. For people who are comfortable with self-installation, putting up a prefabricated garage on their own can save on costs.

Prefabricated garages can be cheaper than site-built garages, depending on the site and the design of the garage. They also tend to be more environmentally friendly because waste is reduced when products are produced in a factory to standardized design specifications. Additionally, they usually meet or exceed earthquake safety standards with no additional modifications because they are designed from components which are designed to endure the stress of transport.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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I get satisfaction out of doing jobs around the house myself. I didn't feel comfortable building a garage from scratch, so I ordered a prefab garage kit and with the help of a friend erected the entire garage.

We are satisfied with the building and I will choose the prefab pieces again when I need an outside building.


A house we moved into had an old barn attached to a pump house in the side yard. We really like old barns. The look of the old wood is appealing. However, this barn was beyond repair, so we had to demolish it. Rather than build a new structure, we purchased a prefabricated garage.

By ordering the garage building already intact, we saved time and we knew exactly what the structure would look like and how it would fit into the available space.

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