What Is a Portable Cord?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Also known as a flexible cord or portable cordage, a portable cord is a type of device that is equipped with several different conductors. The benefit of this type of cord is that it can be employed with a number of different devices that require connection to a power source in order to operate. The typical power cord can be used with a variety of different types of machines, motors and even some household appliances.

Man with a drill
Man with a drill

Along with being versatile, the portable cord also offers the advantage of being sturdier than other types of cords. This makes the device ideal for use in environments in which the cord is exposed to extreme heat or cold or is used in close proximity to any type of materials that could result in deterioration of lesser cords. For example, a portable cord is ideal for use at any type of work or industrial site where petroleum or chemical compounds are in common use. Since the cords are heavily insulated, they can be used inside or outside with equal ease.

It is not unusual for a portable cord to be waterproof as well as able to withstand extremes of heat or cold. This means that along with use at industrial or construction sites, the cords can also be employed in various types of marine operations. When used in accordance with the manufacturer specifications, the cord is likely to provide years of use without any indications of deterioration.

There are a number of different portable cord configurations available. Most will include at least two copper conductors in the basic design, and sometimes include additional strands and conductors in the configuration. The diameter of the cord may be somewhat thinner or broader, depending on the intended purposes for that particular cord. Other variants, such as length and general rating, will also vary, depending on how the cord is manufactured, local standards for electrical devices, and whether the cord is intended for commercial or residential use.

Users can typically make use of a series of codes that are used to identify the composition and functionality of a given power cord. In most countries, those codes are used as standards, and relate to factors such as capacity and load, grade of the copper and other components used in the configuration, and whether the cord is intended for use in industrial settings or for residential use only. Manufacturers of different types of portable cord options normally provide help lines that make it easy for consumers to receive assistance if they are not sure what type of cord would serve them with the highest level of efficiency.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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