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What Is a Ponytail Wrap?

Megan Shoop
Megan Shoop

The term ponytail wrap can refer to one of many different hairstyles. Possibly the simplest kind of ponytail wrap features a section of a girl’s hair wrapped around the base of her ponytail. Another kind of ponytail wrap involves wrapping colorful embroidery thread around a small section of a girl’s hair, which sometimes also features beads. Ponytail wraps may also be strips of fabric or leather with holes pierced along the edges. These wraps enclose an entire ponytail and are laced closed around it, much like a corset for the hair.

The first kind of ponytail wrap is usually a very simple way to give an ordinary ponytail a touch of glam. When creating this style, a girl simply needs to gather her hair into a ponytail and secure it with a covered elastic band. Before securing it in this way, she should separate a small section of hair at the base of the ponytail and leave this on its own. Once the ponytail is secured, the girl should carefully comb the loose section of hair and wrap it around the elastic band, covering it. She can then secure the end of this wrap under the ponytail base with a bobby pin.

Embroidery floss is sometimes used to create a ponytail wrap.
Embroidery floss is sometimes used to create a ponytail wrap.

The second kind of ponytail wrap involves the use of embroidery thread and sometimes beads. Young women and girls often wrap several sections of their hair at a time to show off their personal style. This is also a fun and popular activity for a girls’ slumber party. Girls usually start these wraps by separating a small section of hair from the rest at the crown of their heads or near their temples. The girls then tie some embroidery thread to the hair where it meets the scalp.

From where the thread is attached, it may be simply wrapped around the hair, or tied in half-hitch knots to the bottom. To add beads, girls must simply thread the embroidery floss and the hair through the hole of a wide wooden, plastic, or enamel bead. At the end of the wrap, the girls knot the embroidery floss tightly so the bead and the hair stay in place. After that, the thread-wrapped section of hair may be wrapped around the base of a ponytail.

Yet another version of a ponytail wrap may be made of fabric or leather. These are usually very narrow and may be used to enclose a ponytail or braid. The wearer then threads a cord through the holes in the edges of the wrap, similar to the way one might lace a shoe. The cord is then pulled tight and tied in a bow or a knot. These particular wraps are popular for women attending Renaissance Faires or medieval festivals, especially those dressed as lady pirates or gypsies.

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    • Embroidery floss is sometimes used to create a ponytail wrap.
      By: Andreja Donko
      Embroidery floss is sometimes used to create a ponytail wrap.