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What is a Multiband Vertical?

Alexis W.
Alexis W.

A multiband vertical is a type of antenna used to both broadcast and receive frequencies on a multiple number of bands. A multiband vertical is often used in conjunction with ham radio broadcasters. The multiband vertical antenna generally ranges in height depending on the needs of the operator. It may be anywhere from 10 to 60 feet high (3 to 18 meters), although some multiband antennas are adjustable and the user is able to hone in on a specific range of bandwidths depending on the antenna’s height.

Ham radio users are amateur broadcasters who have their own range of signals they are allowed to use through the FCC. Some type of antenna is necessary for the function of a ham system, as the antenna is used both for receiving transmissions and broadcasting signals. The multiband vertical antenna provides a wide range of different bandwidths the user can broadcast to or receive information from. The application process to get a license for broadcasting involves specifying the amount of range the user’s antenna is able to reach and receive, so the user must know the bandwidth he or she will be using during transmissions using his multiband vertical.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

The reason that users are able to operate the antenna as a means of broadcasting as well as receiving is because these types of antennas work on a multiple band basis. This allows users to receive signals on one band while transmitting from another band, making the antenna a versatile tool for any experienced ham radio user. In order for the antenna to receive as strong a signal as possible within the specified bandwidth, the telescoping antenna is either raised or lowered to bring the receiver on the antenna into the range of the desired bandwidth. As such, the rule is the higher the antenna can reach, the wider the bandwidths the antenna can receive.

These antennas are usually purchased with both a permanent in-ground mount as well as a portable mount. Multiband vertical antennas are also typically telescoping, which helps to make them portable. This means that users are able to take the antenna to a higher ground than they would typically be located at in order to reach a wider band of users. This also allows users to receive signals from much farther away than they can receive from lower grounds.

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer