What is a Mobile Billboard?

Felicia Dye

A mobile billboard is an advertising option available in many areas. It involves placing a billboard on an automobile. Many people believe this type of advertisement can be highly effective.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

When most people think of a billboard, they are likely to think of a tall, stationary plaque. This can be an effective form of advertising. However, it has limitations that a mobile billboard may not have. A stationary billboard will only be seen by those who pass it.

Many people have fairly regular routines. They travel along the same routes and conduct their business or seek entertainment in the same places. If a billboard is not along those routes of travel, then an advertiser’s efforts will have no effect on those people.

One of the most common marketing points for those selling mobile billboard space is the ability to reach a wider audience. Since a mobile billboard is attached to a vehicle, there is potential for that advertisement to reach people it otherwise would not be exposed to. Mobile billboards can even be effective when a vehicle is not in motion. A truck with a mobile billboard, for example, can expose an advertisement to a lot of people if it parks at a busy shopping center.

This is not always the case, however. The time a vehicle with a mobile billboard is not moving can be a disadvantage. Take, for example, buses with mobile billboards. During the hours when the buses are out of service, they are likely to be parked in an area where they are not visible to many people. That means the advertisements are fairly useless during that time.

Using mobile bus billboards as an example can reveal another disadvantage. Eventually, the exposure of such advertisements can become fairly limited. This is because certain vehicles used for mobile advertising travel the same routes at the same times. As is the case with a stationary billboard, this means the advertisement is likely to be exposed to the same audience.

Depending on the location, it may be possible to find mobile billboards on numerous types of automobiles. This includes cars, buses, and trains. There are even mobile advertising trucks. These are vehicles designed to act specifically as mobile billboards. This variety should suit advertisers' needs and expectations.

Allowing an advertiser to place a mobile billboard on a vehicle is not only beneficial to the advertiser. It can also be beneficial to the vehicle’s owner. Even when the vehicle is primarily used for other purposes, this can be a good source of additional revenue.

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