What Is a Microfiber Couch?

Anna B. Smith

A microfiber couch is a piece of furniture that can seat three or more people that has been upholstered in a material made from microfibers. They are frequently designed to resemble more expensive materials, like suede and leather, for a much lower price. They can fit any design style or taste preference in terms of color, texture, and size. These couches are stain resistant, and do not fade or show wear as quickly as other materials.

Microfiber couches can fit any design style or taste preference in terms of color, texture, and size.
Microfiber couches can fit any design style or taste preference in terms of color, texture, and size.

The term microfiber can be used to refer to any type of fabric that has been woven from strands of less than one denier, which is a standard unit of measurement used in textiles. One silk strand fiber, for example, is equal to one denier. Heavier fibers receive higher numbers while those that weigh less than one are deemed small, and are thus micro.

When used in furniture, these types of fibers are typically woven to resemble suede and leather. An extreme range of color is available when shopping for a microfiber couch because the materials are man made and easily dyed. Consumers are not limited to the traditional browns and blacks of true leather furniture, and the muted earth tones often employed by suede manufacturers. Faux leather furniture pieces frequently include crease lines and metal furniture tacks to enhance the look of authenticity at a fraction of the price. Pieces designed to resemble suede are also referred to as plush, and are sometimes considered softer than actual suede, and do not carry the odor of a tannery that the real material often does.

A couch is any piece of furniture that is intended as seating and can fit more than two people. This piece is typically placed in the living room or family room of a home, and can be coordinated with other types of seating to create a suite. Other pieces available in microfiber include love seats, easy chairs, recliners, and ottoman.

The design of the microfiber couch can fit any decorating scheme. The furniture piece may be entirely covered in the material, or it may only comprise the seats and back cushions within an all wood frame. This style couch can also be fitted with cup holders and reclining footrests that are equipped to spring out from a lower hidden space when the user activates a side handle.

One of the primary benefits of purchasing a microfiber couch is its extreme durability. This material naturally repels water and other types of liquid, allowing users to quickly wipe up spills before stains have time to set in. Some manufacturers and distributors also provide a stain protection seal that can be added to the furniture for an additional cost. The fibers themselves have a long lifespan, and do not show wear as quickly in the seats, arms, and backs of the furniture pieces.

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