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What is a Micro Projector?

Ken Black
Ken Black

A micro projector is a device that projects images onto a screen or other flat display background. It is commonly used for slides during presentations, but may also be used for video as well. The projector is sometimes referred to as a pocket projector because of its ability to be stored in very small locations, including a pocket. Most micro projector units are used as a way to display images to a very small group of people, and are limited in how well they can display larger projections.

The most unique thing about the portable micro projector is its size. Though the dimensions will vary slightly between units, most are approximately 2 inches (5.08 cm) wide and 4 inches (10.16 cm) long. Some micro projectors could be twice these measurements, and thus not practical to fit inside a pocket. No industry standard currently exists for what would qualify as a micro projector. Therefore, it is up to each individual company to determine how it will market its products.

A mirco projector can be used to view image slides.
A mirco projector can be used to view image slides.

In addition to its size, one of the other advantages to the micro projector is its cost. Compared to standard projectors, these smaller units may cost half of what their larger counterparts do. Therefore, if you are looking for a low-cost projector, these projectors may be able to provide you with the functionality you need.

The micro projector can often be used both for still image presentations and videos. The most common use is in smaller meeting rooms, or for smaller gatherings, where the projected image can be smaller. These projectors may distort or wash out images if they are made too large, though some do much better at displaying larger images than others.

Another limiting factor for micro projectors is their brightness. While a standard projector may put out as many as 2,000 lumens, a micro projector often puts out less than 100. Therefore, the room may need to be darker than what it would normally need to be for more standard projector sizes. Finding a true white, or off white, background is also important in helping the projector function properly.

Before buying a micro projector, remember that not all of them will work with all types of equipment. Some are meant to be used with computers, while others are designed to work with other portable devices, such as MP3 players or other forms of entertainment equipment. Therefore, make sure your chosen device can connect with your hardware before you buy. This will help save you the frustration of having to return the item.

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    • A mirco projector can be used to view image slides.
      By: herreneck
      A mirco projector can be used to view image slides.