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What is a Meditation Chair?

Katriena Knights
Katriena Knights

With many Eastern practices becoming more and more popular in the West, accessories to assist in meditation also have become popular. One of these accessories is the meditation chair. While meditation can be performed without any special equipment, the meditation chair offers several advantages, including support for certain postures and comfort.

One major obstacle for many who pursue a meditation practice is the inability to concentrate because of discomfort in the body. This is particularly true for longer meditation sessions such as those pursued during meditation instruction or a meditation retreat. Because meditation requires a disassociation from the body, pain and discomfort can greatly decrease its effectiveness.

Meditation chairs help support certain meditation postures.
Meditation chairs help support certain meditation postures.

When a meditation practitioner begins to venture into advanced techniques, the amount of time spent sitting typically increases, making comfort even more vital. A meditation chair helps maintain proper alignment of the spine throughout longer sessions, increasing comfort and providing vital back support. For those with back problems, flexibility issues or stiffness in the joints, a specially designed chair can make a big difference in their ability to sit for long periods of time. A meditation chair can also help maintain alertness during sessions, which also is important to successful meditation.

A meditation chair can be used for any type of meditation practice. Whether one is pursuing healing meditation, participating in a meditation group or participating in a meditation class, the meditation chair helps the practitioner maintain the comfort necessary to achieve a deeper state of relaxation and to fully concentrate on the progression and benefits of the session. Other meditation supplies, such as timers, specially produced ambient music or meditation beads, also are helpful in building a regular practice.

There are several types of meditation chairs designed to support different postures. The choice of a chair should be based on the individual's preferred posture. For example, some chairs are specifically designed to support a lotus position, and others help the user maintain a kneeling position during a long session. Some experimentation might be necessary to determine both the favored position and the best chair to support it.

Examples of different chairs include folding chairs for easy portability, eco-friendly chairs made from reeds or other natural materials and wooden chairs designed to support kneeling. Some chairs are constructed to fit in with the user's regular decor and can be placed in a living room or den along with more conventional furniture. Still other practitioners prefer a meditation chair that more closely resembles a low bench. Whatever the preferred pose or meditation approach, there is a meditation chair available to make it easier and more comfortable.

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    • Meditation chairs help support certain meditation postures.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      Meditation chairs help support certain meditation postures.