What Is a Marshmallow Roaster?

Valerie Goldberg
Valerie Goldberg
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A marshmallow roaster is a long, fork-like device used to hold marshmallows as a person browns them over a flame. It is easy for a person to create a makeshift marshmallow roaster out of a stick, but the marshmallow may slide off if not attached securely. Professionally manufactured roasters designed for camping are built to keep marshmallows in place. Many of the roasters sold at sporting good stores also have long handles with the ability to extend so users do not have to stand too close to a campfire.

There are some smaller types of marshmallow roaster sticks intended for indoor use. This style can be useful if a person enjoys putting roasted marshmallows on top of a sundae or another dessert. Mini marshmallows can be roasted and added to cups of hot chocolate before serving the drinks to guests.

Families that are planning a camping trip or another outdoor getaway often purchase a marshmallow roaster to take with them. Many roasters have the ability to hold multiple marshmallows, making it easier on parents who are preparing roasted marshmallows for more than one child. Some marshmallow roaster sticks on the market are even safe for older children to handle on their own with parental supervision.

People of all ages should practice caution when using a marshmallow roaster. It is important for a person to read the instructions on the roasting stick package. Some types of roasters recommend that the user take the marshmallow off the stick with his or her hands — rather than trying to bite it off — to avoid getting burned or being poked in the mouth.

Roasted marshmallows can be eaten on their own or used as part of another treat. One of the most popular marshmallow treats is the s'more. Campers who want to make s'mores need to be sure to pack graham crackers and chocolate bars along with their marshmallows and roasting sticks. Once a marshmallow is done browning, a person can carefully slide it onto a piece of graham cracker that has a piece of chocolate on top of it. When the marshmallow is in place, the person can put another piece of graham cracker on top and a s'more is ready to eat.

A classic s'more is made from a plain, roasted standard-size marshmallow, plain graham crackers and milk chocolate. Campers can put their own spin on the treat and create different types of s'mores. Possible variations include using chocolate or cinnamon graham crackers or switching up the interior of the s'more by using white chocolate or a flavored marshmallow.

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I thought that this article is about indoor marshmallow roasters. I recently discovered that these exist and I'm definitely going to get one.

An indoor marshmallow roaster is basically a small ceramic or stainless steel roaster that uses canned heat. It comes with marshmallow roaster sticks too. I think it's a great idea and very useful for people like me who love making smores.


@fify-- Yes, that can be an issue with roaster sticks that can hold many marshmallows at once. Depending on the shape of the stick and where the marshmallows are placed, it can be difficult to roast them evenly.

I have a roaster stick that holds ten marshmallows at once. it's shaped like a tree branch. If I'm not careful and I don't maneuver it frequently, the marshmallows do not roast evenly. But if I keep track of them and twist the stick as needed, it works okay.

You should definitely read some reviews before purchasing marshmallow roaster sticks. Also think about who's going to use them. If you want your kids to roast their own marshmallows, the roaster stick needs to be long but light so that it is safe for them.


The multiple marshmallow roaster sticks sound like a good idea but do they roast evenly? I'm worried about some marshmallows being under-roasted while other marshmallows are burned. Has anyone had experience with this type of roaster stick?

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book