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What is a Kneading Massager?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

A kneading massager is a massaging device that kneads the body with small rollers. Their constant, pressurized action is capable of reaching muscles deep in the body. One of the many health benefits that can be experienced from using the machine is a noticeable reduction in stress, tension and fatigue.

One difference between a kneading massager and other types of massagers is that the kneading massager typically doesn't provide any vibration. Instead, the massage is provided by the rhythmic rotations of rollers. These rotations can be in an inward or outward motion or, depending on the specific model of machine, a combination of both. All of these rotations can result in different sensations.

A kneading massager may be used to alleviate muscle tension.
A kneading massager may be used to alleviate muscle tension.

Using a kneading massager can improve the user's blood circulation and increase his or her energy levels. A kneading massager can massage reflex points on the body, so users of the machine can be relaxed, too. Many who use kneading machines often cite that relaxation is the greatest benefit of using the machine. The machines are especially useful to those who experience constant stress.

Features on a kneading massager can vary between models. Some massagers can have controllers that help a user manipulate the device's functions. One of the main variable functions is speed. Chair attachments, which can be sold separately, might help a user operate the device. Wireless remotes might also be offered so that users aren't confined to one particular space when controlling the machine. Potential owners of kneading massagers might want to research all of these features and decide which ones are the most important to them before purchasing a specific model of massager.

Those interested in purchasing a kneading massager might also consider the way they intend to use it. For example, some kneading massagers are specifically designed to be used while lying down or sitting. Some might even come with pillows or grip handles to make operating the device in these positions easier.

To gain the most benefit from a kneading massager, consumers are encouraged to choose a massager that is capable of being used on multiple areas of the body. Most kneading massagers are marketed to consumers who want to feel relief in their feet. Some kneading massagers also can be applied to a user's legs, arms, neck and upper and lower back. Consumers interested in getting the most for their money should consider buying massagers that are adaptable to different parts of their bodies.

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    • A kneading massager may be used to alleviate muscle tension.
      By: jedi-master
      A kneading massager may be used to alleviate muscle tension.