What is a Jogging Stroller?

Deborah Ng

Jogging strollers are strollers or prams designed to assist parents in becoming physically fit or maintaining their healthy lifestyle. Because of their strange, aerodynamic shape, moms and dads can walk, run or Rollerblade while pushing their children. This, of course, means quality family time doesn't have to be sacrificed to an exercise regime.

Jogging strollers are typically not ideal for crowded malls.
Jogging strollers are typically not ideal for crowded malls.

Jogging strollers, also known as running strollers, are easily identified by their three wheel design, with one large wheel in the front and two smaller wheels in the rear. There is also a sturdy handrail on the back to allow for easier pushing while jogging. Most have heavy hoods or canopies so your little one is protected from the sun while you exercise.

Jogging strollers are easily identified by their three wheel design.
Jogging strollers are easily identified by their three wheel design.

There are strollers in different shapes and sizes for all situations and work outs. For the adventurous jogger, there is a heavy duty model, with a 20" wheel, complete with shock absorbers and dirt deflectors for rugged, wooded paths. One can also purchase a less expensive, lightweight jogging stroller with a 16" wheel suitable for jogging or fast walking in the park.

Many runners feel the resistance one encounters from the weight of the jogging stroller presents them with a harder workout. There have been some cases of runners whose training while using a jogging stroller has resulted in a faster running time during races.

Of course, there are other considerations as well. Many doctors and safety experts don't recommend actually running with a jogging stroller for babies under six to twelve months. You may want to check with your child's pediatrician first. The constant movement from jogging isn't safe or comfortable for young babies. Be sure the stroller comes with a shoulder harness so your child isn't bumped and jostled. You should also invest in a small helmet to protect his or her little head.

While jogging strollers are fine for running in the park or even walking around the neighborhood, they're not ideal for crowded venues such as malls or even restaurants. The long front wheel area makes maneuvering around people awkward and it's easy to bump into others. You may even run over a toe or two. Many parents who own jogging stroller also have a smaller umbrella type stroller in the trunks of their cars for malls, shops and restaurants.

If you're a runner, there's no reason to give up your fitness regime because you have small children. Take them along in a jogging stroller. Not only will they be enjoying the ride, but they'll be positively influenced by your healthy lifestyle!

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