What Is a Jezebel Spirit?

Helen Akers

The idea of a Jezebel spirit has its roots in the Christian religion. Some theologians suspect that evil spirits are able to possess or implant their personality characteristics into humans in order to defy God and dismantle the Christian church. In Biblical times, Jezebel was considered to be a seductive and manipulative false prophet who married the King of Israel, eventually leading him astray. It is believed that her spirit can enter others, manifesting as manipulation, a strong dislike of men, a need for domination, perfectionism, using sex as a means of control, and arrogance.

Some theologians believe a young woman's defiant behavior and sexual nature are tied to evil spirits.
Some theologians believe a young woman's defiant behavior and sexual nature are tied to evil spirits.

A Jezebel spirit is said to possess many of the personality characteristics that the person in the Bible did. In the scriptures, Jezebel is described as a person who was accustomed to using sex as a means of gaining control and influence over others. Her goal was to convince her husband, the King of Israel, to abandon his spiritual beliefs and follow hers. Jezebel's spirituality was considered to be evil and influenced by witchcraft.

A jealous woman may be described as having a jezebel spirit.
A jealous woman may be described as having a jezebel spirit.

Devout Christians consider the Jezebel spirit to be an evil spiritual enemy that has the power to influence the personality, thoughts, and behaviors of humans. Some even attribute social movements, such as feminism, to the Jezebel spirit. Those who become possessed or overtaken by the spirit are said to be distrustful of men and their power. One of the spirit's goals is to dismantle that power, while also diminishing the inner strength of men.

Women are seen as being the targets for possession by the Jezebel spirit. Those that believe in the idea feel that these women will act out in certain ways that will indicate they are being controlled by Jezebel. Some of those behaviors include seeking to be the center of attention, having high and often unrealistic expectations of those around them, seeking perfection, and exhibiting jealousy. Believers warn that the spirit displays high levels of intelligence, but uses it in such a way that it deceives and manipulates others into "going astray."

Another characteristic of a Jezebel spirit is the defiance of authority. She does not believe that she has to follow anyone's will or direction but her own. Those who are controlled by the spirit may deceptively display a very high work ethic. She tends to be critical of others and uses criticism at times to manipulate and gain influence. Jezebels will also typically use others for their own sake, ending relationships when other people no longer suit their needs.

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What separates the Jezebel spirit from mere sexual awareness and independence is a defiance toward all authority and a disregard for other people's cultures and beliefs. They will expect that everyone else around them change and kowtow to their wills and opinion. It's ancient slang for "being a selfish witch".


@umbra21 - See, I can understand people wanting to blame something other than themselves. That's just human nature, although to be honest, I don't consider it to be very Christian.

But, the idea of a Jezebel spirit is terribly sexist. I mean, the Jezebel spirit characteristics are all things that women are always being persecuted for, such as sexual awareness and independence.

These aren't things that people should be blamed for, let alone a spirit.


This really annoys me. I guess what annoys me the most is that this seems like another way of blaming an outside influence for decisions people make for themselves.

Like, for example, my daughter isn't a 'bad girl' because I raised her poorly, it must be because of a Jezebel spirit.

I guess this would have started with someone talking about 'the spirit of Jezebel' and someone else taking that too seriously and too far.

I think the world would be a better place if people owned up to their faults, rather than trying to blame something which doesn't exist.

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