What is a Hummus Queen?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A hummus queen is a gay man who is attracted to Middle Eastern or Arab men. This slang term references a popular Middle Eastern food as shorthand for “Arab men.” Hummus queens actively seek out Arab or Middle Eastern partners because they are fascinated by the appearance of Middle Eastern men, or because they wish to connect with Middle Eastern culture and traditions. Given the rich physical and cultural diversity of the Arab community, hummus queens are by no means limited when they seek out partners.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

For Arab men, homosexuality can be extremely dangerous. Despite the fact that homosocial relationships are abundant and widely accepted in the Middle East, actual homosexuality is frowned upon, and gay Arabs face being penalized by the government or ostracized by their families. As a result, some choose to flee to more permissive regions of the world where they can live more freely, and, along the way, many encounter hummus queens.

Although the hummus queen is a relatively small demographic in the rich and very diverse homosexual community, some dating sites have recognized the hummus queen, setting up sections for Arab gays to meet up with hummus queens. Dance clubs sometimes have night dedicated to Arab and Middle Eastern hookups, and hummus queens also form their own social groups to meet with like-minded people; many of them connect with gay Arab associations as well.

As a general rule, this term is used specifically to refer to people who are not of Middle Eastern or Arab descent; classically, it refers to European and American gay men. A hummus queen may meet with a varying degree of success in his dating life. Some Arab and Middle Eastern gays may prefer to date within their own cultural group, while others are more open to intercultural dating. However, some dislike the idea of being fetishized, and they may specifically avoid hummus queens on the dating scene in a preference for less superficially-minded partners.

Someone may choose to self-identify as a hummus queen, or his friends may describe him as a hummus queen, referencing his relationship preferences. Some gay men also dislike the use of the word “queen,” because they view it as derogatory, while others actively choose to use it in an attempt to reclaim the word for themselves.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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