What is a Heated Eyelash Curler?

Mandi R. Hall
Mandi R. Hall
A woman with curled eyelashes.
A woman with curled eyelashes.

A heated eyelash curler is an instrument used to curl eyelashes. Because it must be heated to work properly, the device may either be battery operated or electric. Ceramic, steel, and gold are popular materials used to manufacture this device, whereas many standard non-heated curlers are made of plastic. The actual curling apparatus may be a brush or clamp. A heated eyelash curler may be found at most stores that carry cosmetics.

A heated eyelash curler is typically only used on the top set of lashes. When combined with mascara and other eye cosmetics, using a heated eyelash curler helps the eyes stand out more. It may be used daily or for a special nighttime look.

Heated eyelash curlers are used after applying mascara.
Heated eyelash curlers are used after applying mascara.

A hand-operated, clamp-style eyelash curler is generally held in the dominant hand by the thumb and either the index and middle finger. Two loops are located at the bottom of the curler in which to place the thumb and finger. This makes for a more durable hold when the curler is being used in its upright position.

A brush- or wand-style heated eyelash curler is similar to a mascara wand. It is held horizontal to the eye, just under the eyelashes. The user places the curler under the lashes and slowly strokes it upwards. One should use several gentle, stroking motions and slowly blink during the process for the best effect.

When using the clamp-style eyelash curler, the user carefully moves the clamp so that it encloses the eyelashes. The user then squeezes the apparatus together, and holds it in place for five to ten seconds, depending on the instrument’s instructions. Doing this a couple of times with a small rest in between may increase the curl effect.

Much like a curling iron, a heated eyelash curler often comes with a light to indicate when it is ready. This small light will generally turn red or green when the appliance is ready and warmed for use. If the curler doesn’t come with a ready light, one can use one's fingers to see when it becomes warm.

One should use a heated eyelash curler before applying mascara. Though some people use it after a mascara application, this may cause the mascara to become gooey, and it may stick to the eyelash curler. This can cause eyelashes to be unnecessarily tugged upon.

As with all styles of eyelash curlers, the heated eyelash curler should be carefully handled. Though the actual heat is generally kept at a comfortable level of warmth so as not to cause burns, users should still keep it away from the eyeball, eyelid, and the delicate portion of skin under the eye.

Furthermore, eyelashes can easily be ripped out at their root. This can be painful. It can also cause eyelashes to look uneven and unprofessional. When handling the heated eyelash curler, be gentle. Any unnecessary pulling and yanking should be avoided.

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You can make a basic, non-heated eyelash curler work better by warming it up a bit before you use it. You can either warm it by placing it in your hand for a few minutes, or hold it under a hair dryer for about 15 seconds. This works just as well as spending the extra money to buy a heated eyelash curler.


If you are thinking about buying a heated eyelash curler, save your money. I bought one last year thinking it would be the answer to my straight eyelashes, and it didn't work any better than a regular eyelash curler. On the contrary, I don't think it worked as well. It was a lot more expensive than a basic eyelash curler, too.

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    • A woman with curled eyelashes.
      A woman with curled eyelashes.
    • Heated eyelash curlers are used after applying mascara.
      By: Gresei
      Heated eyelash curlers are used after applying mascara.