What is a Hanging Pantry?

Micki Elizabeth

A hanging pantry is a relatively small and typically light compartment that can affix to a ceiling—one can keep food and other items there. This type of pantry may be especially helpful in places where space is limited, such as small homes and apartments or motor homes. In these dwellings, there might not be sufficient room to install a standing or wall cabinet to act as a pantry. There are different styles of hanging pantries, all of which may require careful skill and consideration during installation.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

The main purpose of a hanging pantry is storage. A pantry typically refers to a product that holds foods. Most pantries are best used for housing non-perishable items, because this kind of cabinet generally has no temperature control to preserve foods that can expire. An individual can, however, store many types of items in addition to food in these compartments.

There are different makes of hanging pantry, but most share several similarities. The pantry is commonly made of a light material such as canvas to cut down on the overall weight. These pantries are generally not too large and might be square or rectangular. A flap or door on one side commonly acts as both an entry into the storage space as well as a cover to close the pantry.

Sometimes, small kitchens might not have ample pantry or counter space. Likewise, a recreational vehicle (RV) usually has a kitchen, but it could be a fairly cramped, tiny space. These areas might necessitate the use of a hanging storage bin most often. On the other hand, virtually any space could potentially benefit from the added storage a hanging pantry provides.

A wall pantry may be too small and could be very expensive. A freestanding pantry usually takes up a lot of floor space and can also cost quite a bit of money. Comparatively, a hanging pantry could be easy to use and cheap.

A hanging pantry must usually be fastened to a ceiling or another overhead surface. This installation may be difficult and could require the knowledge of a contractor or handy person. A hanging pantry filled with items may weigh several pounds or kilograms and should, therefore, be hung from support beams using the recommended hardware.

Many of these pantries will include the exact hooks and other materials a person will need to hang them. Furthermore, RV owners may wish to contact the manufacturer of their vehicles to inquire about finding the location of overhead supports. Some RVs actually come with a hanging pantry already installed, while others may need a modification.

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