What Is a Hanging Chair Hammock?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Hanging chair hammocks are hammocks resembling chairs that are suspended in the air. Some hanging chair hammocks can be hooked onto a tree, and others come with the ability to stand on their own. They can come with many features, including footrests, armrests, pillows, drink holders and storage space. Some might even be able to be locked into position, making for a more comfortable and stationary experience for the user.

A traditional hanging chair hammock might be made out of cotton, but other materials are commonly used in contemporary hanging chairs. Hammocks' outdoor use has made cotton a less-than-desirable material in hammock construction, because cotton can succumb to weather elements and rot, mildew or even break. Synthetic materials can be used in lieu of cotton for better durability and weight support. Nylon with reinforced stitching can also provide hanging hammock owners with a restful experience.

A popular addition to the hanging chair hammock is a footrest. Hanging footrests can be attached to the chair so that users can prop up their feet while they are using the hanging chair hammock. The footrest does not touch the ground, so it can protect against pests and offer an ergonomic way to relax the legs and feet. Although the footrest is located in front of the hanging hammock, there is no requirement to use it. If the person resting the hammock would rather just sit in it, he can ignore the footrest, move it out of the way and, in some cases, even detach it.

Some hanging chair hammocks can include additional features. It's not uncommon to find hammocks that are designed with armrests, built-in pillows and even drink holders. Comfort and convenience are often the goals of hammocks that offer these extra features. Hammocks can even provide a bit of space or a pouch for storage. Users of this space can store books, music players or other personal effects that can make their leisure time more enjoyable.

If relative position is important to a user of a hanging chair hammock, he or she might do well to invest in a hanging chair hammock that can lock into position. The sophistication of locking abilities can vary between manufacturers and products, but hammocks that can hold a particular position do exist. This can be an especially useful feature for someone who wants to relax in an ergonomic fashion or who wants to face in a particular direction while using the hanging chair hammock.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book