What Is a Grilled Stuffed Burrito?

J. Beam

A grilled stuffed burrito refers to a main dish involving any combination of fillings wrapped inside a large tortilla and then crisped on the outside by means of grilling or searing by using a grill press, griddle or pan heating. Traditionally, a grilled stuffed burrito is likely thought of as a Mexican dish, but there are other varieties. The typical food fillings can be those of a traditional burrito, such as seasoned meat or poultry, rice, beans or cheese, but can also take the form of less traditional burrito fillings that are flavor-compatible such as egg, cheese, bacon or sausage.

Guacamole is a popular topping for a grilled stuffed burrito.
Guacamole is a popular topping for a grilled stuffed burrito.

The food phrase “Grilled Stuft Burrito” was coined by the Taco Bell® franchise and includes a variety of combinations. However, there is no surefire way to identify when and where the first grilled stuffed burrito was made, as there are many restaurants and home chefs who have created their own culinary varieties. The inception of the grilled stuffed burrito is irrelevant, but the variety of flavor combinations is essentially endless and open for experimentation.

Spice-rubbed roast chicken is a common burrito filling.
Spice-rubbed roast chicken is a common burrito filling.

Aside from the traditional filling flavors, other popular flavorings and seasonings include chipotle, Caesar, Tex-Mex, and cilantro to name a few. The flavor of a grilled stuffed burrito can also be altered by interchanging different cheeses and vegetables. For example, pepper jack cheese complements spicy peppers and onions while feta blends well with olives and roasted peppers. Beef, chicken and pork are all suitable meats and can be seasoned to taste, but meatless grilled stuffed burritos can also be very flavorful while still suitable for vegetarians.

Robust salsa is a traditional accompaniment to a grilled stuffed burrito.
Robust salsa is a traditional accompaniment to a grilled stuffed burrito.

To make a grilled stuffed burrito at home, choose large size tortillas and the desired filling combinations. Any meat used needs to be seasoned and thoroughly cooked prior to filling the shell. Vegetables can be sautéed or included uncooked, depending on the vegetable and desired flavor. Assemble ingredients in the center of the tortilla shell, wrapping one side over ingredients and then folding the top and bottom inward before completing a full roll. Burritos can be cooked on a grill press, panini maker, or in a pan. The shells should be brushed lightly with oil to promote crispiness.

For those who enjoy multiple ingredients wrapped up in a tortilla shell, but don’t like the texture of a crispy outside, a wet burrito can be made instead. Top either variety with a sauce made of salsa, melted cheese, guacamole, sour cream or Hollandaise as desired. Garnish the finished dish with chopped green onion, tomato or parsley for a gourmet finish.

Grilled stuffed burritos can be made wet with the addition of sauces and condiments.
Grilled stuffed burritos can be made wet with the addition of sauces and condiments.

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The last sentence of the first paragraph brings up a very interesting point, especially considering that burritos are one of those dishes that don't have to follow a traditional sense. Speaking of which, I wonder what the origin of a burrito is.

After all, considering how pretty much anything can be put into it, including breakfast items, one can easily come to the conclusion that they've been around for a long time. Speaking of which, I've always felt that it was a better idea to make them at home, instead of ordering them when going out to eat. This is especially the case for places like McDonald's, where their breakfast burritos are anything but authentic.


@Viranty - Though this doesn't relate to burritos, I feel that it can be used as a fair example. One time when my parents had fixed some gourmet steak, when it was ready to eat, the first thing I did was put hot sauce on it. Not that I was scolded or anything, but my parents did seem a little insulted. Though it usually depends on what dish is being served, it's always important to take others into consideration, especially if they made the dish.


While I have had a grilled stuffed burrito before, in all honesty, I feel that they're not as good when they're wet, and are much better when there are little to no condiments. I'm not trying to sound picky, but more than often, I feel that we (as Americans) tend to use too many condiments on our food. That's not to say there's something wrong with this. However, on the other hand, anything that's done in excess can become too much. For example, people who put ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard on a hot dog. I've always felt that putting too many condiments or sauces on a dish can change how it was originally supposed to be.

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