What Is a Grill Microwave?

S. Gonzales

A grill microwave is a type of microwave that is capable of grilling food. It usually also functions as a standard microwave and has a separate grilling plate that needs to be used in conjunction with the microwave's grill setting. Grill microwaves can be purchased where other microwaves are sold, and they often are more expensive than standard microwaves.

Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

As can be done with a standard microwave, the user can insert food into a grill microwave, close the door and let the grill microwave cook the food. The appliance can be left to do its job without the user needing to keep an eye on the food or make any adjustments. These types of microwaves might require special cleaning techniques after the cooking is done, but the cleaning can be relatively easy to do.

Appliances that can be categorized as grill microwaves might come with a detachable grill-like plate that can be fixed onto the bottom of the microwave when the user wants to grill food. Meats can be placed on top of the grill plate, and a special grilling setting can be chosen on the microwave to start the process. The result of grilling inside of a microwave can be comparable to grilling on a traditional grill. Food can even come out of the microwave with the expected grill marks on it. Grilling foods in a grill microwave might have the effect of keeping meats juicy, compared with the drying effects that the microwave's regular setting might have on the same meat.

One advantage of using grill microwaves is that foods can be cooked faster in them than when using traditional grilling techniques. This is because of the grill microwave's intense heating ability. A microwave with a grilling function is a smart option for homeowners who don't have a lot of time to cook but want to enjoy grilled food.

Features of a grill microwave can depend on the model that is bought. Many times, a grill microwave can be multifunctional, also serving as a standard microwave and even a conventional oven. Selecting a specific cooking method can be done by choosing the appropriate setting on the microwave. Many microwaves are digital, so various settings can be chosen by scrolling through the options or pressing specific buttons on keypads.

Grill microwaves can be purchased at department stores and home improvement stores. They might also be able to be purchased at stores that sell electronics. A grill microwave offers more features and settings than a standard microwave, so it can be more expensive than its more traditional counterpart.

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