What is a Garden Tractor Plow?

Kay Paddock

Garden tractor is another term for a heavy-duty riding lawn mower. Garden tractors typically have higher horsepower, heavier frames and bigger wheels than standard riding mowers. They are designed to be able to push and pull weight in addition to mowing. A garden tractor plow is a special type of attachment for these machines. Plows are typically used to either furrow and strip soil for planting or to remove snow by pushing it forward or to the side. A garden tractor plow is usually easy to attach with common tools.

Many people also use their tractors to prepare the soil for planting.
Many people also use their tractors to prepare the soil for planting.

Garden tractor attachments can vary by the size and model of the tractor. Many accessories are created for that specific tractor and are not universal or able to fit on other machines. Some mowers come with a set of attachments that may include things like a backyard plow or snow plow. If the accessories do not come in a package with the tractor, almost all models have them available for purchase separately.

A snow plow or snow blade is usually an attachment that hooks onto the front of the tractor. It may have a straight or curved blade that pushes snow in front of the machine. Some models are also angled, much like a snow plow that cleans streets after a storm, so the snow is pushed off to the side. A standard lawn mower may have this type of garden tractor plow attachment available, but a heavy-duty garden tractor may be necessary for clearing large amounts of snow.

Many people also use their tractors to prepare the soil for planting. A garden tractor plow of this type for a standard garden tractor will usually either be a bottom plow or a middlebuster plow. A single-bottom plow is an angled blade that arcs up at an angle so the soil that is lifted is rolled to the side. Double-bottom plows have a second plow set behind the first and to the left to dig a double-wide strip of land. A middlebuster garden tractor plow, also called a potato plow, is a v-shaped garden tool that digs a deeper, narrower trench instead of stripping a wide patch of land like a bottom plow.

A garden tractor plow attachment designed for preparing soil usually attaches to the hitch on the back of the tractor. When the tractor moves, it pulls the plow behind it and the blades dig into the soil. If the tractor is not powerful enough, it probably will not be able to move easily with this type of attachment. There are other types of plows available, but most require a small or regular sized standard tractor rather than a heavy-duty garden tractor model.

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