What is a Folding Trolley?

Sheri Cyprus

A folding trolley is a collapsible hand cart made for stacking and transporting items. Although items in boxes with each box stacked on the one before tend to suit folding trolleys best, some irregular-shaped items may be transported on the cart. Folding trolleys have stretchy cords or straps that help hold items onto it. A folding trolley is also known as a hand cart because it's pushed or pulled along with the hands.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Folding trolleys have a metal frame that is open on all sides. At the bottom section of the trolley, wheels move the hand cart when it's pushed or pulled. A metal or heavy duty plastic flap sticks out at the bottom of the trolley on the other side of the wheels. This platform is where boxes or other items are placed for transporting. Once the items are loaded onto the folding trolley, cords that are attached at the bottom of the carrying platform may be placed over the materials to keep them secured.

Since a folding trolley is made up of a hollow metal frame with wheels and a platform, it's quite lightweight to carry when it's not being used to transport materials. The carrying platform folds onto the frame to create a flat surface. Most folding trolleys have a telescoping handle. This means that the long handle can be reduced when not in use by pushing it into itself to reduce its length.

Heavy duty folding trolleys such as those used in businesses may be too heavy to tuck under one arm to carry when not in use. A commercial quality folding trolley is usually a good investment if a person needs to transport items regularly. Top quality hand carts also have stronger wheels that are able to handle rough surfaces better than lower grade folding trolleys. Commercial or heavy duty trolleys can also handle heavier loads.

An economical lightweight folding trolley may be fine for lighter loads and infrequent use. Around the home, folding trolleys can be used to bring in boxes of groceries from the car into the house. They can also be used to cart items from the vehicle to a destination such as a picnic basket and folding chairs to the park. Folding trolleys are also handy during moving. A sturdy folding trolley can easily handle several heavy boxes of books at once.

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