What is a Fitted Tablecloth?

Robert Ferguson

A fitted tablecloth can be used on a variety of tabletops, including dining room tables, coffee tables and picnic tables. They are designed to snugly fit the dimensions of any size and shape table, whether rectangular, round or triangular. Tables made of wood, glass, or other materials can all be topped by a fitted tablecloth. As with other tablecloths, these tablecloths can be used for both decorative and practical purposes.

Fitted tablecloths are often used for special events.
Fitted tablecloths are often used for special events.

Tablecloths are often used to highlight a special occasion; to add a festive touch to holidays or party themes; or to protect the surface of the table. Choosing the type of material for a fitted tablecloth is an important consideration. When selecting pre-made fitted tablecloths or when making one, it is important to suit the material to the intended use and type of table. Certain materials may be more or less appropriate for formal or informal occasions.

Fitted tablecloths can be purchased online.
Fitted tablecloths can be purchased online.

For special occasion dinners, a fine linen or lace tablecloth adds a touch of elegance. Tablecloths for low-key indoor dinners or picnic tables are best made from a cotton blend or vinyl, as these materials are more casual and hold up against repeated use. A vinyl tablecloth has the added advantage of repelling splatters and spills. Clean up is easy with a quick swipe of a sponge.

A fitted tablecloth can be an appealing addition to the table anytime of the year, whether it is used during holidays, special occasions or every day. During the holidays, a tablecloth with appropriate colors or patterns adds a festive touch to the occasion. For special occasions — such as anniversaries, bridal showers and themed parties — a fitted tablecloth can highlight the contents of the table, including elegant china, appetizing food and party favors. When used every day, it can also serve a practical purpose: protecting the table from spills and scratches.

Fitted tablecloths are also ideal for tables in need of restoring or refurbishing. Many tables that are still serviceable are unattractive, showing dings and scratches sustained over time. Instead of refinishing the tabletop, a tablecloth can be used to cover the damaged surface.

A variety of styles and materials are available for fitted tablecloths. Ready-made tablecloths can be purchased at local retail stores or through online shopping venues. For hard-to-find sizes or patterns, an experienced seamstress can design and sew a tablecloth, adding any additional enhancements or designs the customer desires.

Vinyl tablecloths may be made to fit tables for picnicking purposes.
Vinyl tablecloths may be made to fit tables for picnicking purposes.

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