What is a Fitted Cupboard?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

A fitted cupboard is a storage space that is designed to fit into a specific space. The fitted cupboard often features hinged doors that open and close to reveal or hide the contents of the cupboard, and it itself can be any size, shape, or material to suit the builder's needs. These types of cupboards are common in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, especially bedrooms that are built into finished attics where ceilings are likely to be sloped. The cupboards can be built into the part of the room reduced in size by the sloped ceiling.

Fitted bedrooms often feature a fitted cupboard or several to maximize usable space and minimize clutter. The cupboards may be fitted with a rod for hanging clothing, or they may be outfitted with shelves for shoes. Drawers may also be built into the cupboard to hold shirts and pants, or socks and underwear; the cupboard may also contain all of these features if space allows. Some cupboards are quite small and fit into a corner of the room or even inside a small closet, while others can be as tall as the room itself and may line one entire wall of the bedroom for storage purposes.

Many odd-sized bedrooms or kitchens feature alcoves. These alcoves are a great place for a fitted cupboard to be built or otherwise installed. A homeowner with carpentry skills can build a fitted cupboard from scratch to fit into the space, though many prefabricated models are available that may fit snugly into the alcove. If the room has odd features or odd measurements, a custom unit may be needed to fit into the alcove space, in which case a carpenter may need to be hired to install the fitted cupboard properly.

One of the biggest advantages of fitted cupboards is the ability to use space that would otherwise go to waste. Space beneath stairways, for example, might be used to some extent, but it is very likely that the gap between the lowest stairs and the ground beneath will go to waste because it is not a particularly easy space in which to fit a normal cupboard or storage unit. Fitted cupboards are build specifically for such purposes, and they utilize all the space that would otherwise be wasted because of the odd shape beneath the stairs. The doors of the cupboard can be cut to fit the space and open easily to reveal usable storage space within.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book