What Is a Fingertip Ring?

Alicia Sparks

A fingertip ring is a piece of women’s jewelry. Usually, fingertip rings are meant to be worn between the woman’s fingertip and her top finger knuckle. Like all rings, fingertip rings are available in a variety of styles and sizes.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Probably the most common kinds of fingertip rings are those designed to be worn at the tips of the fingers. Usually, the band of such a ring does not sit any lower than the first knuckle of the finger on which the ring is worn. Depending on the ring and the finger, some fingertip rings might sit slightly lower than the first knuckle. Nearly every fingertip ring is designed to protrude from the fingertip. How far from the fingertip it protrudes depends on the ring design.

Most fingertip rings feature striking designs and are meant to be statement rings. These rings might include large clusters of jewels or stones, or they might feature dramatic objects like animals, insects, musical instruments, claws, and even human body parts. Others feature more simple, elegant, or muted designs. These designs might include minimal swirling metal designs with one or a few jewels or stones. The style of fingertip ring a woman selects will depend almost exclusively on her personal taste.

Some fingertip rings are considered costume jewelry. Generally, these kinds of rings are made in mass quantities from affordable materials, and women can purchase them everywhere from large department stores to smaller accessories boutiques. Other kinds of fingertip rings are made with more valuable materials, such as gold and platinum, and these rings might feature precious jewels such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. These more valuable rings are usually available in shops where fine jewelry is sold. Often, women wear the costlier rings during special occasions and save the more affordable rings for everyday wear.

Just as regular finger rings aren’t one-size-fits-all, fingertip rings come in varying sizes. Since a fingertip ring does not sit at the base of the finger like regular finger rings, the woman’s normal ring size does not apply. Anyone purchasing a fingertip ring should try on several different sizes of the same style before making a decision. If the woman is shopping at a fine jewelry store, she might have the jeweler measure her fingertip and determine what size she should wear. Women interested in fingertip rings should also note that, like regular finger rings, appropriate sizes can vary depending on the finger.

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My sister owns a boutique store and is always looking for interesting items to sell in her store.

She bought an assortment of fingertip rings for women and most of them were feminine, with a floral or swirly design.

I am not a big fan of fingertip rings, so really didn't think they would sell very well. She had them right up front where people would check out.

I was surprised at how many of those rings she sold. Most people probably picked them up as a last minute purchase and didn't go in the store intending to buy one of these rings.

Either way, she was happy they sold so well and has now ordered more of them. Just because one person doesn't like a particular thing, doesn't mean everybody feels that way.


I have never worn a fingertip ring and have always wondered how comfortable they would be to wear.

I have seen some fingertips rings that are a simple ring, and others that are quite large and elaborate.

I don't wear rings very often and this is probably one reason I have never worn a fingertip ring. Other than dressing up for a special occasion, I usually just wear my wedding ring.

One of my co-workers loves to wear rings. She usually has a ring on every finger and sometimes has one more than one fingertip ring. I don't know how she gets much computer work done with all those rings on her fingers.

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